Proposing a scientific event

An essential part of ZSL’s work is facilitating the communication of information between professional zoologists, researchers, students and the public.

Proposing a Science and Conservation Event

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Towards this end the Society holds nine evening Science and Conservation Events a year. Generally, the format is three - four short research talks on a related theme during a public session lasting around one hour and 45 minutes. Science and Conservation Events are an ideal opportunity for scientists to present new research and findings, especially synthesising and highlighting links between related topics bearing on a common theme.

Science and Conservation Events are held monthly between October and July, in the Society's Meeting Rooms, Regent's Park, London, and start at 6.00pm. The events are open to all at no charge. The most successful meetings are those that address some topical or controversial theme, with a lively approach to the presentations that make the subject generally accessible.

The Society will cover costs of travel and accommodation for all speakers. All logistical arrangements are managed by the Society's Scientific Events Coordinator, Eleanor Darbey.

The call for scientific event proposals for the 2019 - 2020 programme is now open, and the deadline for submitting is 14 June 2019.


Proposing a symposium

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The Society holds two international symposia a year, which provide an opportunity for a major overview of an important area of science bearing on the general issue of the conservation of animal species and their habitats.

The two-day symposia are held at the Society’s Meeting Rooms in Regent’s Park, London. All symposia are international and usually have 100-200 participants. Topics are selected by a ZSL panel from submitted proposals, according to their scientific merit, topicality and potential for an interesting symposium that will attract a broad audience.

Organisers are then invited to develop the overall objectives of the meeting and invite up to 22 speakers. Symposia are sponsored by ZSL, usually with some other scientific or conservation organisations. Co-sponsors are usually identified and approached by the symposium organisers. All logistical arrangements are managed by the ZSL’s Scientific Meetings Co-ordinator, Eleanor Darbey.

Organisers have the option of using the symposium as the basis for an edited book on the topic to be published in the ZSL/Wiley-Blackwell Conservation Science and Practice book series. Book proposals need to be submitted separately and are reviewed independently of Symposium proposals.

The call for symposia proposals for Spring & Autumn 2021 is now open, and we will be accepting proposals until further notice.


Please contact (tel: +44 (0)20 7449 6227) if you have any questions or would like to discuss an event further. 

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If you have any queries please contact or call +44 (0)20 7449 6227.