Proposing a Science and Conservation Event

Proposing a Science and Conservation Event

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An essential part of ZSL’s work is facilitating communication between professional zoologists, researchers, students and the public. Towards this end ZSL holds monthly Science and Conservation Events which consist of three – four talks on a related theme, during a public session lasting around one hour and 30 minutes. Science and Conservation Events are an ideal opportunity for scientists to present new research and findings, encouraging collaborations and networking with external organisations, and helping fulfil a wider public engagement remit.

Despite the disruption of Covid-19, we are committed to continuing our public engagement programme, and our science and conservation events are now held online and livestreamed to our ZSL Science and Conservation YouTube channel:

We are calling for proposals for last five events in the 2020-2021 programme: March, April, May, June and July 2021. The events will be held in the evening, on the second Tuesday of each month, and are open to all at no charge. The most successful meetings are those that address some topical or controversial theme, with a lively approach to the presentations that make the subject generally accessible.

The call for Science and Conservation Events in the Spring-Summer 2021 is now open, and the deadline for submitting is 4th December 2020.

Proposals are to be emailed to the Scientific Events Coordinator, Eleanor Darbey at

Early return of proposals is welcome and appreciated. Please contact Eleanor Darbey if you have any questions or would like to discuss an event further, prior to submitting.


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