London-on-Sea: Plastic City, Plastic Ocean

eXXpedition, #OneLess and Selfridges invite you to join us at ZSL for an evening of talks exploring the current science of marine plastic pollution globally and nationally and the action being taken by businesses and organisations to stem the flow of plastics from city to ocean.

eXXpedition co-founder Dr Lucy Gilliam will host an evening of talks looking at the current science of marine plastic pollution. We will hear from internationally renowned academics Dr Jenna Jambeck and Professor Richard Thompson on the global and UK context. Daniella Vega (Selfridges) and Professor Heather Koldewey (ZSL and #OneLess) will talk to us about action being taken on single-use plastic water bottles on the ground in London. Finally, we will be joined by the intrepid Amy and Ella Meek, two young women who launched their own campaign, Kids Against Plastic, and are working tirelessly to educate and influence the younger generation and a more sustainable future. Please do join us for what is to be a very interesting and inspiring evening. There is no registration required and entrance will be on a first come first served basis. A cash bar will be available before and after the talks and there will be time for networking.

Speaker details and biographies: PDF icon Speaker biographies - London on sea event (1.12 MB)

Attending this event

  • There is no registration required and entrance will be on a first come first served basis.

  • Doors open at 5:30pm and talks start at 6pm.

  • A cash bar will be available before and after the talks and there will be time for networking.

  • Venue: Huxley Lecture Theatre, Main Meeting Rooms, ZSL London Zoo. See map

  • Underground – Camden Town Station; Nearest bus - no. 274


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The problems of plastics - breaking down into microplastics and toxics - in the ocean are finally beginning to be acknowledged by politicians and media worldwide. Microbeads in toiletries, cosmetics and cleaning products, single-use packaging, plastic water bottles, nurdles, the many persistent organic pollutants (POPs) found in most everyday manufactures products – and much, much more are all being recognised as devastating in their effects of oceans, ecosystems, aquatic life, mammals – and us.

eXXpedition is a series of all-women voyages to make the unseen seen, from the toxics in our bodies to the plastics in our ocean. On 16 November 2014, eXXpedition launched its first mission, with a crew of 14 women setting sail across the Atlantic Ocean in search of answers relating to the health of our environment, and of our bodies. During an eXXpedition voyage, environmental samples are collected to assess plastics and pollutants. These samples are then fed into wider studies investigating the environmental impacts, and linking to narratives of ecosystem health, personal health and the products we consume.

eXXpedition Round Britain 2017 is a three part mission aboard the S/V Sea Dragon, circumnavigating Great Britain and sampling the waters for plastics and toxics along the way, according to the protocols developed by the 5 Gyres Institute. Launched from Plymouth on 7 August, they are sailing into the heart of all four of Britain’s capital cities to build on the growing awareness of plastic pollution, by publicising what is to be found in the waters closest to home, where we swim, surf, sail, snorkel and fish. By the time they reach London, they will have visited Cardiff, Belfast and Edinburgh, as well as the Isle of Arran in the Clyde and Stornoway in the Outer Hebrides.

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