MicroErrorAnalyzer is a computer program, written by Jinliang Wang, for analysing the genotyping errors of microsatellites in parentage exclusion analysis.

MicroErrorAnalyzer can be used for 3 main purposes.

(1) Calculating the probabilities of Mendelian-inconsistent errors and Mendelian-consistent errors in parent-offspring (PO) dyads at a locus with a given set of allele frequencies and mistyping rates (i.e. null allele frequency, allelic dropout rate, and false allele rate).

(2) Determining the probability distributions of the number of mismatches of PO and unrelated dyads at a set of markers with given allele frequencies and mistyping rates. The threshold number of mismatches appropriate for a parentage exclusion analysis can thus be determined from the two distributions to minimise false parentage exclusions and assignments.

(3) Estimating the mistyping rates of a set of markers given the observed numbers of mismatches among a number of known PO dyads.

For more details, read the paper below:

Wang J. 2010. Effects of genotyping errors on parentage exclusion analysis. Molecular Ecology (Submitted)

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