Conservation Science and Practice

Wiley-Blackwell and ZSL are pleased to present the Conservation Science and Practice book series. Each title reviews a key issue in conservation today.
The series includes books that address the multidisciplinary aspects of conservation, looking at how biological scientists and ecologists are interacting with social scientists to effect long-term sustainable conservation measures.

Books in the series are based on symposia held at ZSL or other topics which meet these aims.

Titles in the series include

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B

Themed issue, based on the ZSL Diesase Invasions Symposium. Edited by Andrew Cunningham, Andy Dobson and Peter J. Hudson

The transmission of infectious diseases from one species to another is not only causing problems for humans (for example, SARS and influenza) but is also threatening wildlife conservation and even the survival of large and robust populations. Wild animals are both recipients of infections from humans and other species and reservoirs of new infections that can spill over to threaten humans, particularly when human-wildlife contact rates are increased.

This themed issue focuses on the extent to which wildlife pathogens threaten biodiversity and human health; the processes driving these disease threats; where future threats will arise and how these can be mitigated.

More information: Disease invasion: impacts on biodiversity and human health

Conservation Science and Practice