Animal Conservation

Animal Conservation provides a forum for rapid publication of novel, peer-reviewed research into the conservation of animal species and their habitats.

A central theme is to publish quantitative studies detailing important new ideas and findings that have general implications for the scientific basis of conservation.

Covering a wide range of subjects including biodiversity, population biology, epidemiology, evolutionary ecology, population genetics, biogeography, palaeobiology and conservation economics, Animal Conservation is essential reading for conservation biologists, policy-makers and students.

Excerpts from the 6th World Conference on Herpetology

This special issue of Animal Conservation comprises a selection of papers representing the main themes from the symposia of the World Congress of Herpetology: Invasive reptiles and amphibians, the role of disease and conservation genetics in herpetology. Papers included in the special issue are free online.

Free Virtual Issue: Marine Mammal Conservation

Animal Conservation Virtual Issue Read our selection of papers published in the journal on marine mammal conservation, covering a range of topics, such as marine mammal ecology, genetics, behaviour, disease, and illegal exploitation.


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Animal Conservation - Volume 13