Sharp-toothed jaws and toothless laws: are we doing enough to protect sharks?



This event took place on 10 December 2013

As apex predators, many sharks are vital in regulating marine ecosystems and their rapid removal could impact large regions of the ocean.

According to the IUCN Red List, nearly half of all sharks are 'Data Deficient' with one-third of the remaining species threatened with extinction.

The combination of lack of knowledge, poor management and high fisheries mortality increases the threat to sharks. However, positive steps are being taken, such as the creation of Marine Protected Areas and, in a landmark decision, this year five species of commercially valuable sharks were listed on Appendix II of CITES.

This meeting will focus on the conservation initiatives that are being implemented to protect sharks.



Allison Perry - Marine Wildlife Scientist, Oceana

Fiona Llewellyn - Marine Reserves Coalition Co-ordinator, ZSL

Sarah Fowler - Save Our Seas


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