InstantWILD: a revolution in field conservation

This event took place on the 8 April 2014

One of the greatest challenges for wildlife conservationists is access to real-time data on species abundance and distribution, habitats and threats. Traditional monitoring and data collection methods often limit the space and time in which data can be collected owing to cost, resources and practicality of working in harsh environments. Advances in technology have the potential to revolutionise the way we collect, transmit and analyse data, allowing us to better conserve species and habitats. Given the urgency of wildlife protection in both terrestrial and marine environments, ZSL is developing innovative remote surveillance tools to overcome these challenges. InstantWILD enables camera traps to automatically transfer images via satellite for real-time image identification. With the addition of machine-learning technologies, such as automatic human-detection algorithms and pressure sensors, the scope and efficiency of InstantWILD will allow conservation biologists, park rangers and land managers to retrieve critical, time-sensitive data and respond immediately to threats. These advancements provide much needed information for adaptive protected area management on both local and global scales.

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Jamie McCallum, ZSL

Dave Anderson and Jason Sierra, 7 Technologies Group

Krystian Mikolajczyk, University of Surrey

Tom Hart, University of Oxford


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