Previous scientific events

Long-eared jerboa

The annual programmes of ZSL Science and Conservation Events and Scientific Meetings have included a varied range of topics and speakers. Abstracts have now been made available where possible and can be accessed from the event pages via the links below.

Professor Jeremy Farrar

2015 Stamford Raffles Lecture by Professor Jeremy Farrar OBE

Oil palm plantation, image (c) Sophia Gynch

A major scientific symposium to debate the global impacts of UK food...

Dead bird of prey / Ian Carter, Natural England

Celebrating 25 years of the Zoological Society of London/Natural...

Conservation science-policy interface

Good communication between policy makers and scientists is a crucial...

Cyprinodon by Barbara Nicca

Freshwater ecosystems are essential to life on earth yet they receive little...

Image of a hump nosed lizard © RUCHIRA SOMAWEERA

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species is one of the most important tools...

Zebra - close-up M. Wegmann

22 & 23 May 2014 - Approaches for understanding mechanisms shaping...

Instant Wild camera trap picture from Kenya

8 April 2014 - One of the greatest challenges for wildlife conservationists...

An Adult Cheetah and it's young, taken during the Institute of Zoology's ongoing Cheetah Conservation Program.

11 March 2014 - As scientists and managers are constantly looking for an...

A pile of ivory tusks

11 - 12 Feb 2014: The two day symposium reviewed the impacts of...

Image of Iranian grasslands and desert

14 Jan 2014 - Biodiversity and conservation in the Middle East

Scalloped Hammerheads - Galapagos

10 Dec 2013 - This meeting will focus on the conservation initiatives that...

Image of a macaque, copyright Isabel Rosa

Anthropogenic environmental changes, such as global land use and land cover...

Tokyo skyline by tokyoform, Flickr

Economic growth has undoubtedly improved human livelihoods yet has equally...

Image of a salamander © Frank Pasmans, Ghent University

Population declines are reported in over 30 per cent of amphibian species...

CSI of the Sea

A live-streamed porpoise necropsy

Angel shark credit Carlos Suarez Oceanos de Fuego

An outline of new conservation plans for protecting lesser-known 'flat...

Pangolin credit Dan Challender

Can we save pangolins from extinction? Come to this free scientific meeting...

Urban Hedgehog

A meeting on urban wildlife and urban green spaces

Dynamic Drivers of Disease in Africa_photo

Ecosystems provide services that maintain and improve human wellbeing, such...

Mountain Chicken frog

The latest findings on the status of the mountain chicken frog.

African bird in man's hand

Collaborators and con-artists: coevolution as an engine of biodiversity...

Komodo dragon, ZSL

Science and Conservation Event

West African savannah elephant

The savannah of West Africa extends from the Atlantic coast eastwards across...

The CSIP team performing a necropsy on a porpoise

Watch a dolphin post-mortem filmed behind-the-scenes at ZSL on the 12 March...

Beaver, © Makedocreative

Science and Conservation Event

Thames Harbour Seal, credit Russ Miles

Estuaries are one of the world’s most productive ecosystems but their...

The Value of Biodiversity UCL Lecture

Part of UCL Lunch Hour Lectures on Tour, in partnership with ZSL

Red/brown deer with large horns in a grassy park, with two smaller deer and green trees behind, and grey tower blocks in the distance

Catch up on the recording of this Science and Conservation Event

New Zealand Robin

Learn how 'genetic rescue' can save threatened species

Red panda_UCL lunctime lectures on tour

Part of UCL Lunch Hour Lectures on Tour, in partnership with ZSL

Palm oil plantation boundary, © Oliver Wearn, ZSL

Science and Conservation Event

Pitcairn © Andrew Christian

What is the UK's marine conservation role overseas?

Herd of African elephants

How animals shape habitats, ecosystems and the global biosphere, by...

Gernot Behavioural Enrichment Committee

Hear how Zoo Keepers use behavioural science to enrich the environments of...

Remote sensing and biodiversity monitoring

1-day symposium on satellite remote sensing of biodiversity

Cheetah space for nature

An international science-policy symposium to support negotiations on the...

Living Planet Report event

Discussion on the very latest findings about trends in changing global...

Comma: copyright Butterfly Conservation_Neil Hulme

ZSL's annual premier scientific lecture, by Professor Jane Hill.

Giraffe and trees

Symposium to assess the role of behavioural ecology in supporting future...

Osprey catching fish

Debate rewilding, a novel ecosystem management approach to conserving...

Beach plastic pollution

Explore research by ZSL's #OneLess campaign about how to reduce single-use...

Common dolphin, credit Ali Chedgy/Dyfi National Nature Reserve

Join ZSL for a very special event as we take you behind the scenes to see a...

Bairds tapir Nai conservation

Talks to mark the 10-year anniversary of ZSL's pioneering EDGE of Existence...

Monitoring whales, credit Joanna Kershaw, University of St Andrews

Discuss how data from telemetry technologies could improve conservation...

Sperm whale stranded in Pegwell Bay

For 25 years, the UK Cetaceans Strandings Investigation Programme has been...

Tuatara lizard

Discussion on using reintroductions of species for conservation

Making Brexit work for ecology and conservation science

This event highlighted the key role UK science plays in helping our society...

Heron Island coral reef

Is there a viable future for coral reefs and can they be saved?

Indigenous knowledge for conservation, credit Sam Turvey

Hear about the rich body of conservation knowledge that exists in indigenous...

White rhino landscape in Tsavo, Kenya

Symposium on reducing threats that have resulted in a 58% decline in global...

Brown-eared-pheasant, Shanxi Province

A first overview of conservation projects being conducted to protect its...

Agalychnis lemur, credit Gonçalo M. Rosa, ZSL

Two-day symposium on amphibian infectious diseases

Cormorant in a city

A debate on the motion 'Global biodiversity decline is not impacted by my...

Bee and pollen_microbes

Talks on how microbial communities contribute to healthy ecosystems

Fishing in the Arctic

Come along to our free scientific debate.

Common Dolphin_Porthbeor beach_credit Joana Doyle

Discussion of by-catch as a cause of cetacean strandings and how to reduce...

© Terry Whittaker

Highlighting the need for active restoration.

Grey catshark lying near a sandy seabed amongst lots of green seagrass in a blue underwater ocean picture

Two-day symposium held at ZSL

Image of Chagos brain coral - large round object with a maze like pattern underwater © Rachel Jones

Catch up on the recording of this Science and Conservation Event

Baboon cognition

Explore the potential of cognitive mechanisms, such as associative learning...

Carl Jones

This year ZSL's foremost annual lecture features Professor Carl G. Jones MBE...

Small-scale fisheries, credit Rebecca Short

Discuss how the fisheries sector can meet human needs into the future while...

John Clare Cottage peacock butterfly © Froglife

One day event between ZSL's Garden Wildlife Health project and the Wildlife...

© Seth Jackson

Scientists, farmers and policymakers discuss badger vaccination.

3 species of elephant birds and an ostrich skeleton (far right), from the National collection at the Queen's palace (The “Rova”) in Antananarivo, Madagascar, taken by French palaeontologist Charles Lamberton. This collection was burned in a fire in 1990s.

What can we learn from these extinct ecosystem engineers?

Confiscated sharks caught illegally in the Chagos Archipelago, inside the BIOT marine protected area. © Tom Letessier

How does conservation deal with crime?

© Catherine Head

Learn about new technologies used to conserve coral reefs.

ZSL KELOLA Sendang Project

Hear examples of ZSL's projects across the world.