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Image - Watercolour illustration (top view and side view) of a Chinese giant salamander

74-year-old museum specimen identified as a new species of giant salamander and probably the world’s biggest amphibian.

Photo - A common dolphin washed up on a beach with the sea in the background

Report reveals causes of UK stranded porpoise, dolphin and whale deaths highlighting infectious disease and bycatch in fishing gear.

Underwater photo of a shark swimming just above a rocky seabed

Research finds marine predators are significantly smaller and much rarer in areas closer to people

Photo of a herd of wildebeest galloping across a grass plain with mountain in the background.

Do the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals promote or limit conservation?

Photo of a European bee-eater, a small colourful bird with orange/brown markings, light blue underbelly and yellow throat.

Social media posts help researchers to discover climate change is to blame for displacement of 55 species in UK.

Close up photo of a house sparrow perched on top of a metal fence

Study finds that 74% of London’s house sparrows carry avian malaria – more than any other bird population in Northern Europe – and links the...

Close up underwater photo of bleached white coral with small silver fish swimming around

Study shows dramatic loss of central Indian Ocean coral reefs between 2015 and 2017

Illustrated title card - 'Where did the frogs go and why?'

Animation depicts devastating impact Ranavirus disease has on British frogs.

Camera trap image of gray Asiatic golden cat at night

Six different ‘colour morphs’ of the Asiatic golden cat discovered in India’s Arunachal Pradesh

Photograph at night of Sam wearing thick gloves and holding the small mammal

Professor Samuel Turvey awarded prestigious medal for outstanding contributions to the field of zoology