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Scientists match unusual tadpoles to threatened horned frogs

hands in blue rubber gloves taking a swab from inside of a bat's mouth

ZSL calls for urgent investment in research to prevent future pandemics.

green piccture of coronavirus

Leading scientists call for substantial investment in wildlife health research.

Photo - A wild lion cub resting on a large tree branch on the ground, looking into the camera

ZSL-led study shows genetic differences in African lions likely caused by ecological rather than human factors.

Photo - Wide landscape shot of a wheat field that is free from black-grass

Widespread use of herbicides leading to resistant black-grass is costing UK millions in profit.

A harbour porpoise ready for postmortem at ZSL

New ZSL study reveals mothers detoxify themselves by passing on most neurotoxic PCBs through lactation

Photo - Close-up photo of a badger looking out of a hole in a tree trunk.

ZSL study shows survivors of culls cover 61% greater areas, potentially increasing risk of transmission to cattle.

Image - Watercolour illustration (top view and side view) of a Chinese giant salamander

74-year-old museum specimen identified as a new species of giant salamander and probably the world’s biggest amphibian.

Photo - A common dolphin washed up on a beach with the sea in the background

Report reveals causes of UK stranded porpoise, dolphin and whale deaths highlighting infectious disease and bycatch in fishing gear.

Underwater photo of a shark swimming just above a rocky seabed

Research finds marine predators are significantly smaller and much rarer in areas closer to people