ZSL’s Institute of Zoology teams up with Royal Society Biology for Biology Week 2018

On 11 October 2018, ZSL’s Institute of Zoology launched a key partnership with the Royal Society of Biology (RSB) and Independent Television News Productions (ITN), in a new programme titled ‘Addressing Global Challenges’ for Biology Week 2018 (6 – 14 October 2018).

Watch the programme:

The 30-minute programme highlights how the biosciences relate to global challenges of today and tomorrow and gives those within these specialisms the opportunity to tell their stories. From molecular biology, to conservation science, and wildlife epidemiology. ZSL’s Institute of Zoology plans to pull expertise from a wide range of disciplines together to address modern-day global challenges.

Man in field with mask and syringes
Our work with wildlife health will be covered including the vaccination of badgers

Issues such as climate change, zoonotic diseases, illegal wildlife trade, human-wildlife conflict and ocean plastics are examples of global challenges that we all currently face, and which will start to impact our lives more and more if the important questions, go unanswered.

Professor Ken Norris, Director of Science at ZSL explains: “Our own work has shown us that wild animal populations across the world have probably halved in size over the last 40 years, that’s a staggering statistic. That’s happened because animal health has been adversely affected by what people do. Animals are exposed to diseases they wouldn’t have otherwise been exposed to – the consequence of all of that is that they breed less successfully or they’re more likely to die”.

Mountain chicken frog under microscope
ZSL's biologists working with mountain chicken frogs

75% of emerging diseases originated in animals – this demonstrates how wildlife and human health are intrinsically linked. ZSL’s Institute of Zoology is working hard to promote the ‘One Health’ ethos, collaborating with key institutions such as the Royal Veterinary College and University College London to ensure collaborative ground-breaking research continues to be a regular output of ZSL’s Institute of Zoology.

The Royal Society of Biology is a single unified voice for biology, advising Government and influencing policy, advancing education and professional development. The partnership will open new channels for international bioscience students, academics, industry, educators, funders and many more – to learn about the incredible work that ZSL’s Institute of Zoology plans to achieve over the next 200 years.

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