LGBTQ+ logoZSL LGBTQ+ Team Pride

The pride group meets monthly, alternating between London and Whipsnade. The group is inclusive, respectful and open to all ZSL staff, students, volunteers and contract suppliers. Any member of staff, regardless of sexuality, is thus welcome to join the group. The group’s role is to:

  • Be ambassadors within ZSL for the LGBTQ+ community and promoting inclusivity and diversity
  • Promote inclusivity and diversity to staff, volunteers and suppliers of ZSL both in the UK and overseas
  • Feedback to individual team member departments about LGBTQ+ matters
  • Raise and escalate inclusivity and diversity issues/matters across ZSL in UK and Overseas
  • Promote ZSL and its vision to the LGBTQ+ community externally especially using our areas of expertise of animals, science and conservation
  • Consider public engagement and the visitor experience from the LGBTQ+ perspective to ensure we are welcoming to the LGBTQ+ community and feedback any suggestions on improvements to the relevant ZSL teams


Transgender Policy

The ZSL Equality and Diversity Policy commits to treat all staff equally, irrespective of personal (and protected) characteristics, including gender identity/re-assignment. ZSL provides Gender Reassignment Workplace Guidance for staff. The policy is intended to confirm ZSL’s commitment to support sympathetically and appropriately any transsexual/ transgender member of staff.  ZSL will also provide appropriate support to the line managers and colleagues of such members of staff, where this is needed.  


Contact points

The Institute of Zoology has contact points for bullying and harassment, including a contact point for LGBTQ+ issues.