To No Net Loss of Biodiversity and Beyond

This gathering will be the first global conference on approaches to avoid, minimise, restore, and offset biodiversity loss.  The aim is to explore how companies, governments, banks and civil society can chart a course to demonstrate ‘No Net Loss’ and preferably a ‘Net Gain’ of biodiversity in the context of development projects, plans and policies.  

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The ‘No Net Loss Summit’ will bring together 250 experts and professionals from oil and gas, mining, infrastructure, hydro, wind, house-building, utility, forestry and agriculture, manufacturing and retail companies, from governments, financial institutions, NGOs, civil society and research organisations, and intergovernmental institutions.   The objectives of the conference are to:

  • Catalyse agreement on practical ways for business leaders, policy-makers and members of civil society to make this generation generation the first to leave the world’s biodiversity and ecosystem services in a better condition than that in which they inherited it
  • Exchange ideas and experience from many countries and industry sectors on best practice
  • Provide advice on the design and implementation of mitigation measures, offsets and conservation banks to those who need it

Organisers: Zoological Society of London ; Forest TrendsBusiness and Biodiversity Offsets ProgramDepartment for Environment Food and Rural Affairs

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