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Informal logging in Sumatra

A strong biodiversity policy makes companies stand out from the crowd, as ZSL’s SPOTT team’s latest sustainability research reveals.

Tiger walking in Parsa National Park, Nepal

A wildlife survey led by the Department of National Park and Wildlife Conservation (DNPWC), Government of Nepal and supported by ZSL reveals that...

A colobus leaps from a rope ladder in the Monkey Valley walkthrough exhibit

ZSL London Zoo unveiled its landmark new Monkey Valley walkthrough exhibit this morning (July 28), revealing the iconic former Snowdon Aviary's...

Three Sumatran tiger cubs in their enclosure with mum Gaysha.

Stunning images of three Critically Endangered Sumatran tiger cubs born in June at ZSL London Zoo show the adorable trio rolling in soft straw and...

Makari the Amur tiger stalks a trophy at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

Amur tigers pounce on paper trophies ahead of ZSL Whipsnade Zoo’s family event The Ultimate Animal Challenge, which runs throughout the summer...

Southern white rhino post mortem at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

International conservation charity ZSL partners with living biobank Nature’s SAFE to preserve planet’s most threatened species

A chimpanzee mother carrying her baby inside Douala-Edea National Park, Cameroon

The first-ever photos of a chimpanzee have been snapped inside Douala-Edea National Park, Cameroon by wildlife-monitoring camera-traps set up by...

Asiatic lion Bhanu has CAT scan at ZSL London Zoo

Vets at ZSL London Zoo arrange VIP treatment for Endangered Asiatic lion with earache

CCTV of three tiger cubs snuggle up with their mum

Zookeepers at ZSL London Zoo have shared the first footage of a triply exciting arrival - three Critically Endangered Sumatran tiger cubs, born on...

ZSL London Zoo's lioness shows support for Lionesses

Zoo’s lions show their support for England’s Lionesses with a little help from supporter Liontrust