Latest News from ZSL

Baby Colobus Monkey

A tiny monkey with fur as white as snow arrived just in time for Christmas at ZSL London Zoo.

Meerkats and Christmas stockings

ZSL London Zoo's merry meerkats have hung up their stockings, as they eagerly await the arrival of Father Christmas.

African hunting dog pups

ZSL London Zoo’s African hunting dog (Lycaon pictus) pack has more than trebled in size, with the arrival of eleven puppies.

Grey reef shark; Chagos; Tagging; Juveniles

New research highlights the need for new approaches to biodiversity monitoring.

Chimps and presents

Christmas came early for the animals of ZSL Whipsnade Zoo when keepers surprised them with some delicious, yuletide treats.

Alika and Gernot

ZSL London Zoo’s two infant gorillas are fast becoming the best of friends, as shown in candid shots snapped by their zookeepers.

Sumatran tiger - Sembilang National Park

A pioneering conservation project to achieve protection for South Sumatra’s globally important peatland and coastal lowland habitats has been...

Dead stranded seal

ZSL has received new Natural England funding so it can study seal deaths around the English coastline.

Gir Lion Lodge veranda - artist's impression

Get set for the wildest overnight stay in London with tickets for our Gir Lion Lodge experience now on sale.

The impressive tiger shark

ZSL research may have unearthed secrets of a giant shark that swam the world’s oceans more than two and a half million years ago.