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Loved to death

A new ZSL project suggests even the best-loved species aren’t yet safe.

Arctic terns in flight - Junior Judges' Choice

A stunning shot capturing the beauty of Arctic terns in flight has today (15 September) been revealed as the Junior Judges’ Choice in the ZSL...

Overall ZAPP winner 2016 - fan-throated lizard

A unique image of a fan-throated lizard that took three years to capture has been revealed as the overall winner of the ZSL Animal Photography...

Whale shark

UK and Overseas Territories governments announce plans to protect an additional two million square kilometres of ocean for future generations.

Asian elephants

The elephants at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo showed off their best angles as a 360-degree camera installed by zookeepers captured amazing footage of the...

hedeghog is forgaing on gravel path

A new State of Nature report has found over half of UK wildlife is in decline.

RWL comedy store

Prepare your chosen chortle as for the first-time ever the Comedy Store Players will be hosting an evening of hilarity at ZSL London Zoo on...


Central London’s only remaining population of hedgehogs are facing a major threat to their survival, following proposals to use one of their last-...

Bali eating his birthday cake with mum Behan

Rhino keepers at the Zoo swapped their brooms for baking tins this week, as they prepared a very special birthday cake for rhino calf Bali’s first...

Sumatran tiger Melati and her cubs

The two cubs born on June 27 are developing integral life skills as they pounce and prowl around Tiger Territory.