ZSL Sweeps the board at the BIAZA awards

ZSL is celebrating great success at the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums (BIAZA) Awards after winning 20 awards at the 2015 event, six of them Gold. Areas of success included our work around animal husbandry, sustainability, conservation and education.

"The BIAZA Awards are designed to illustrate best practice in zoos and aquaria across Britain and Ireland," said ZSL's Zoological Director, Professor David Field.

"The number and wide variety of awards won across the board is a wonderful demonstration that ZSL is not only leading the way in the welfare of animals, we are at the forefront in exhibit design, horticulture and animal training. I for one could not be more proud of us as an institution. Thanks to all those who came along to the event and many congratulations to all of the winners."

A full list of ZSL’s BIAZA award winners: 
Animal Breeding, Care & Welfare        
Meeting ultraviolet B radiation requirements of amphibians in captivity - ZSL London Zoo - Gold
Establishing a coherent and consistent organisation wide animal training programme for improved husbandry, veterinary procedures and welfare - ZSL London Zoo - Gold
Welfare Management Programme across ZSL Living Collections - ZSL Whipsnade Zoo - Silver
Animal Training for Veterinary Procedures - ZSL Whipsnade Zoo - Bronze
Saving the mountain chicken - Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, ZSL London Zoo & Chester Zoo - Gold
A sustainable future for the Chinese giant salamander - ZSL London Zoo - Silver
Fish Net Madagascar - ZSL London Zoo - Silver
Enhancing forage provision at ZSL London Zoo - ZSL London Zoo - Gold
Conservation grazing at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo - ZSL Whipsnade - Gold
Tiger Territory - ZSL London Zoo - Gold
Giraffe Heights - ZSL Whipsnade Zoo - Bronze
ZSL Zoo Veterinary Careers Day - ZSL London Zoo - Silver
Quality Learning Frameworks in Zoo Education - ZSL London Zoo - Silver
Deadly Education Session - ZSL Whipsnade Zoo - Bronze
PR, Marketing, Digital & Events        
Elephantastic 2014 - ZSL Whipsnade Zoo - Silver
Wild About Magazine - ZSL London Zoo - Silver
Towards evidence based husbandry; substrate preference in fossorial caecilians - ZSL London Zoo - Silver
Project MOSI - ZSL London Zoo - Silver
Improving our waste management - ZSL London Zoo - Silver
ZSL Green Fund - ZSL London Zoo - Silver


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