Exciting overnight experience

ZSL has submitted exciting plans to give guests of ZSL London Zoo's new Land of the Lions the adventure of a lifetime – spending a night in the stunning setting of the zoo.

Planning permission is being sought for work to begin on the creation of an incredible new experience at ZSL London Zoo, which will give guests the extraordinary opportunity to stay overnight in the capital city’s most unique destination.

Land of the lions - aerial view

The new overnight experience will launch in spring 2016, and is part of ZSL London Zoo’s upcoming Land of the Lions expansive development, which will provide a state-of-the-art new home for critically-endangered Asiatic lions.

Spending the night in luxury bespoke accommodation nestled in the heart of the Zoo; guests will enjoy their own feeding time before embarking on an exclusive evening tour, led by an expert guide sharing insider tips on spotting species and fascinating facts about the Zoo’s inspiring residents.

Within roaring distance of the lions, guests will bed down for the night in beautifully decorated cabins inspired by the welcoming charm of hotels in the lion’s native Gir Forest home in India. The nine lodges will each provide lodging for up to two adults and two children.

Once launched, the overnight experience will be open six nights a week from February to December, with designated family-nights and adults-only nights to ensure each stay is specially tailored to its guests.

With the construction work well underway for Land of the Lions, building will commence in November 2015 if plans are approved by Westminster City Council. 

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