Black lives matter statement

Black lives matter ZSL logo

ZSL stands in solidarity with the Black community throughout the world. Black Lives Matter.

We know that diversity in the natural world is what makes it beautiful; what makes it live and breathe.

We also know that the people working in the fields of environmental science, conservation and animal care do not reflect the same diversity we seek to protect so carefully in nature.

Learning has always been at the heart of ZSL, and today is no different. 

We are listening and we are learning, and we will act.

What will we be doing:

  • We will bring together a cross-section of the Society to review our recruitment, equality and diversity policies and ensure they reflect our deepening understanding of the issues. 
    • This will include our equality and diversity leads from around the organisation, but also fresh voices from both inside and outside of ZSL that can deepen our understanding of the issues.  
  • This group will be responsible for developing a more detailed perspective on ZSL’s role in building a fairer future for all. 
  • We have been formally training colleagues in equality and diversity issues since 2016 and we are committed to deliver unconscious bias training to managers across the organisation 
  • We will continue to work with underrepresented communities, including BAME communities, to use our zoos to provide access to nature and learning, and to inspire young people from these communities to take up careers in science and conservation.  
  • We will continue our work developing plans to increase recruitment, support and access to academia for BAME scientists and students  
  • We will review our community access scheme to identify further barriers preventing engagement with ZSL and find ways to remove them. 
  • We will hold ourselves publicly accountable for progress through our annual reporting. 


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