Meet our elephant family

Meet the elephants we have at Whipsnade

If you've ever wondered where you can see elephants close to London, look to further than Whipsnade Zoo. Home to 6 incredibly large characters - here's a rundown of the personalities in our Asian elephant herd.

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Kaylee the elephant

Kaylee is clever and practical and she's Mum to Donna. Kaylee and Donna are very close. 



Lucha the elephant

Lucha doesn't like to share her food! She plays the role of protective Auntie to Donna and she is very affectionate. She also loves a bit of fuss from her keepers.



Karishma the elephant

Karishma is the fastest learner in the herd, but she has also been known to make herself jump looking at her own shadow! Karishma is Elizabeth's mum. 



Donna the elephant

A young and stubborn herd member. Also known to keepers as Geetha, she likes to play-fight, is very intelligent and a great problem solver.



Elizabeth the elephant

The youngest in the herd, Elizabeth was named in honour of HM The Queen to celebrate the latter's 90th birthday in June 2016. She is very playful and has a ‘football’ she takes everywhere and gets stroppy if it’s taken away. Elizabeth also loves to play in piles of sand. 


Ming Jung

Asian elephant Ming Jung at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

Bull elephant Ming Jung was born in April 2007 at Cologne Zoo, and since 2012 lived in a young bachelor herd in Antwerp, Belgium. Now he has reached breeding age he is able to be introduced to a female herd, and joined us at Whipsnade in November 2019. Find out more about Ming Jung's arrival here.

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