License Application

Following an evaluation of the license with Westminster City Council, the council have advised ZSL London Zoo to apply for a new license replacing the existing one, which is not fit for purpose.

In essence we are applying to update the license to cover all areas up to the perimeter of ZSL London Zoo to ensure there is no ambiguity of the license terms and to update with the significant developments that have happened at the Zoo over the last 10 years. Essentially nothing will change, and if anything the protection for local residents will be greater.


Key points of the license application:


  • We are not looking to apply to do more late night events. This year we have decreased the number of late opening events from nine to seven and the capacity of each of the events has been reduced from 7,000 to 5,000 people. We are not applying to increase either the number of late opening events or the capacity of these events in the future.


  • As per the current license, it will cover regular daytime activities which we offer as part of our standard zoo visitor experience as well our evening events such as weddings, small fundraising and education events.


  • We are not seeking to extend the hours of our current license. Under the current license the Zoo is permitted to stay open until 3am.


  • The 15,000 admissions capacity (distributed throughout the Zoo) is to ensure the license covers our daytime activities during peak times such as bank holidays and is not applicable to any events at the Zoo after normal operating hours. Any event at the Zoo with a capacity of over 500 outside of normal opening hours will be subject to a separate notification and conditions such as sound control measures and security arrangements.


  • Both the police and other authorities were consulted before the license application was submitted. The application reflects their views.


  • Any residents with any questions are more than welcome to contact ZSL London Zoo directly by emailing or 020 7449 6643. We will also be holding a walk-in session at ZSL London Zoo’s Head Office on Monday, 15th June from 1-5pm where residents will be able find out more information about the license application.