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Herd of Heroes

Join our Herd of Heroes and become part of the new Centre for Elephant Care at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo.

Be a hero and donate £10 a month for twelve months* or £150 and, as one of our appeal heroes, your name will be included on our beautiful display. You can become a superhero by giving £40 a month for twelve months* or £500, and you can write a short message to appear alongside your name and be in a feature position on the Herd of Heroes elephant.

The impact of the illegal wildlife trade on endangered species in recent years has reached levels never seen before. Every 20 minutes an elephant is killed for its ivory and this majestic species could be driven to extinction within a generation. Support ZSL and you can protect the future of elephants.

Your heroic gift could fund essential conservation tools to stop the poaching of elephants in the wild. £150 could buy a motion triggered camera which detect poacher presence and instantly send images and alerts to rangers, helping to stop poachers in their tracks. £500 could fund a ranger's efforts in the wild protecting wildlife from the threats they face every day. This work is vital to protect elephants in the wild.

Join our Herd of Heroes and help us put an end to poaching.

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*Donors must commit to twelve months of payments

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ZSL’s Centre for Elephant Care

Highlighting ZSL Whipsnade Zoo’s elephant-expertise, the Centre for Elephant Care provides more than 700m² of indoor space, and is fitted out with a host of elephant-friendly features, including one metre-deep soft sand flooring to provide maximum comfort, reclaimed oak trees for scratching posts and dimming lights to mimic night-time.