Friendly Spider Programme - Testimonials

Quotes from participants on the Friendly Spider Programme:

I came all the way from Belgium to attend the friendly spider course on June 4. People who saw my picture of me holding a tarantula at the London zoo claim I must have not been THAT scared. But omg are they wrong!
I was struggling with my phobia ever since I was little. This course has changed my life for good. I realised that the mind is such a powerful tool and that I can pretty much conquer everything. I want to tackle other fears now. I wish I did this course sooner!! 

Samantha F, June 2022

All the team who were so professional and put everyone at ease.

Seiji L, June 2022

I genuinely consider this to be a miracle, and the thing I’m proudest of in my whole life so far. I’d heard the programme was good, but it completely surpassed any hopes I had.

Sarah H, May 2022

Thank you so much for this wonderful and successful course. Like many others I believe this has changed my life.

Ross O, April 2022

Since the course I can honestly say I feel like a new person. It has changed my life.I have a 9yr old daughter who I was very aware caught onto my reactions [when I first came across a spider at my house after the course], and I have been able to show her what I achieved on the day at the zoo and how I have been before. I know she will now grow up to be calm and ok around spiders. I keep replaying the videos I took that day just to remind me what a massive achievement it was. Once again, thank you!

Sam W, June 2018

The Friendly Spider Programme has honestly been one of the best things I've ever done...There aren't many experiences in one's life when you can say that they are truly 'life changing' but this is one of them.

Julia W, Sept 2017

The best money I have ever spent having my life-long fear cured, and I can now go on my holiday to Australia fear free - thank you ZSL!

Liberty L, Sept 2017

I cannot believe how relaxed I am when I see a spider now. The results have been amazing, and completely life changing.

Chloe D, June 2017

Can’t thank you enough, it’s been 35+ years of being terrified, gone in an afternoon.

Kate M, June 2017

It has truly changed my life. I feel in control and at ease for the first time in my life and will be forever grateful to you and the team for your hard work and commitment to the course.Sam L, 2016

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