Friendly Spider Programme - Schedule and Quotes

Quotes from participants on the Friendly Spider Programme:

  • “It has truly changed my life. I feel in control and at ease for the first time in my life and will be forever grateful to you and the team for your hard work and commitment to the course." – Sam L, 2016
  • "Despite not coming across a spider since the FSP I find that I'm more at ease with the thought of seeing one. I don't feel like I have to check corners when walking in to rooms and I don't have a heart attack when I see a picture. Just the word 'spider' used to freak me out but I'm ok with it now. I'm still not a big fan of spiders but the FSP has made me feel so much more at ease about them and I really can't thank you enough." Tiffany J 2016
  • “one of the best things I have ever done!" - Gail B., 2009
  • "I attended the friendly spider programme on the 2nd April, and have to say it was really life changing. Leaving that room knowing that I'd happily touched and caught large house spiders, and even held a tarantula was a massive confidence booster!" George SL 2016
  • "Thanks again for the FSP experience yesterday,  I think my phobia has turned into a positive obsession as a result!" Steph S 2016
  • "I have always had a profound dislike for anything creepy crawlie and the programme has changed my outlook on bugs and insects as a whole. Thank you! I really enjoyed the day and the results for me have been great. Never would I have believed that I would come away having held several spiders, especially ones so large." Ana B 2016
  • "I just wanted to say how overly grateful I am of the whole experience. I still pretty much on a daily basis look at the photos and pinch myself that I did it and it worked. All my friends and family that knew of my phobia are also amazed at the outcome." Cam B 2016

Schedule of Events for the Friendly Spider Programme:

  • 2.30-2.50 pm - Arrival of participants. Zoological Society of London Meeting Rooms.
  • 3.00 pm - What are we afraid of? How phobias become stuck in our subconscious mind. Group discussion with John Clifford.
  • 3.50 pm - Everything you ever wanted to know about spiders but were afraid to ask. Lecture and Q & A session presented by Dave Clarke of the Invertebrate Conservation Unit.
  • 4.30 pm - Break. Beverages and biscuits served in the lobby.
  • 4.50 pm - Group Hypnosis.
  • 5.30 pm - Visit to the BUGS! exhibit, to see spiders on display.
  • 5.45-6.30pm - Meeting with British spiders, training in catch-up and presentation of Certificate of Completion.
    + Optional chance to meet Polly and friends, the Mexican red kneed spiders.
  • 6.30-7.00 pm - Programme finishes.