Prices and Bookings - BedBUGS sleepovers


What is included in the price

  • Full day entry into ZSL London Zoo (on day of departure)
  • Free car parking (for night of sleepover and day of departure)
  • All activities and exclusive tours during sleepover (visit The Experience page)
  • Accommodation in BUGS for the night (visit Accommodation page)
  • Breakfast (usually pastry, piece of fruit, yogurt and drink)
  • Experienced hosts who will ensure a safe and enjoyable experience
  • Goody bags for all children
  • Special Insect Week Sleepover hosted by Jess French 18th June will include a Jess French Minibeasts book
  • Special Insect Week Sleepover 25th June will include some special unique activities specifically about insects hosted by our amazing BUGS team at ZSL London Zoo!


Standard BEDBUGS Sleepover prices

£75 (per child)
£75 (per accompanying adults)
£67.50 (ZSL members)

Special Insect Week Prices

£85 (per child)
£85 (per accompanying adults)
£76.50 (ZSL members)

(Prices include a Jess French Minibeasts book on 18th June and on the 25th June include additional amazing activities hosted by our amazing BUGS team at ZSL London Zoo!)

Full payment is required at the time of booking. However, we are happy to accept a £500 deposit for groups with over 20 children, and final payment is required 6-weeks before sleepover. Please call 0344 225 1826 to discuss further.

Members tickets: Please note that the member needs to be the participant, and cannot purchase a member's ticket on behalf of a non-member. All members must bring their ZSL membership card with them on the night.

Minimum group size

We do not have a minimum group size, although the number of adults per group can never exceed the number of children.

Sleepovers are great for cub scouts, brownies, school trips or birthday celebrations.


60 places are available per sleepover.

Our sleepovers are much smaller than the ones in the museums. This will ensure you'll get much more out of the experience and have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and find out about our animals.


2017 dates:

BedBUGS will run on selected dates throughout 2017

  • 22 September 2017
  • 6 October 2017
  • 27 October 2017
  • 3 November 2017

Age restrictions

Children need to be aged 7 - 11 year olds.

We can be flexible on the upper age limit, but not on the lower age limit. Please contact us to discuss the options for children 11 years and older (

Accompanying adults

For every 5/6 children, we require at least 1 accompanying adult who must be over 18 years old. The number of adults should never exceed the number of children per group.

Each adult in the group is responsible for the group at all times throughout the entire experience: They are expected to:

1. Ensure your group adheres to the rules set out in the health and safety briefing
2. Ensure all children in your group are the correct age, and no younger than 7 years old
3. Ensure your group keeps together throughout the evening, and keeps up with the host during the night tour
4. Address the behaviour of children in your group if they are impacting on the enjoyment of other participants
5. Ensure your group doesn't disturb other guests, in particular keeping the noise down once the lights are off and staying in your designated areas until 7am
6. Ensure the children have dinner before arriving their snack will not be eaten until approximately 20:15pm 

Sleeping arrangements

All participants will sleep in BUGS, all groups will have separate sleeping areas allocated to them with the group that they have booked with. You will be advised of your sleeping area upon arrival at ZSL London Zoo.

Cancellation policy

A full refund or date change can be requested at least 14 days before your BedBUGS sleepover. Refunds are made to the card that the experience was purchased on. We cannot accept cancellations or reductions in numbers within 14 days of your sleepover date.

Other questions

Please visit our FAQS page

How to book

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