BedBugs accommodation

B.U.G.S! (Biodiversity Underpinning Global Survival) is the zoo’s cutting edge biodiversity and Conservation exhibit. It is also the main place where invertebrates – animals without backbones – are displayed in the zoo, including insects, spiders, millipedes and lots of other creepy crawlies

B.U.G.S! is designed to explain what biodiversity - quite simply the variety of life on the planet - is all about, and why we need to conserve it.

There are over 140 species kept in BUGS, the vast majority of which are invertebrates, although we are also home to a few mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish. Invertebrates are fundamental to biodiversity - for example over 95% of animals do not have a backbone, and there are over 1 million species of insect!


Are any of the bugs loose in the building?

All of our animals in BUGS are safely behind glass so they won't bother you.

However, you are ultimately in a bug house so we would not recommend attending the sleepover if you are extremely scared of bugs and insects.


Sleepover in BUGS

Your group will sleep in BUGS, with everyone else attending the sleepover.

Boys and girls sleep in separate areas. Please ensure you read the FAQs regarding sleeping arrangements before you book.