The Ultimate Ice-breaker

ZSL London Zoo a great place for inspiring and motivating your delegates.

The Ultimate Ice-breaker at ZSL London Zoo


Set in 36 acres of zoological gardens ZSL London Zoo is home to 720 species of animals; an inspiring setting to nurture an unforgettable team building event. Our versatile Prince Albert Suite or Mappin Pavilion offer plenty of natural daylight and an airy environment and will be the base for your ice breaking session.


Working from a basic ice template and against a one hour time line, guests have to learn to work together, listen to each other and get creative sculpting one of our friendly residents out of a 50cm x 24cm x 33cm solid black of ice!

Ice carving is something that can be done by anyone – all you need is enthusiasm and excitement to learn something new. What better way to get people working together than with trying to have them agree on a creative outcome and bringing it to life quickly! It’s a fantastic test of team work, in a fun environment, doing something that is far away from everyday working life.


On arrival, guests are divided into teams of 2 or 3, ensuring maximum participation for all. Two teams each share a 6ft round table to create their team’s master piece. Following an introduction by an experienced event manager, the teams are ‘wowed’ with an ice sculpting demonstration from our expert ice sculptor. Ice carving techniques are discussed, and teams are briefed on the exciting task ahead.


This creative team building is a 1 hour experience. We require an hour to set up and an hour to pack down. We recommend therefore that you welcome your delegates to ZSL London Zoo with this experience or alternatively welcome guests back to your suite after they have used their one hour’s free access into the zoo to allow us to set up with minimal disturbance to your guests.

The experience can be extended to up to 3 hours if required.


£59.50 per person based upon 20 delegates or £35.00 per person based upon 50 delegates and a one hour sculpting session. The cost per person reduces the higher the number of delegates that attend. All prices are excluding VAT. Hire of the meeting space at ZSL London Zoo, entrance to the Zoo and catering is additional. Please contact us for a bespoke quotation.