The Haka

The Haka is a unique team building day at ZSL London Zoo.


Haka team building event at ZSL London Zoo
Set in 36 acres of zoological gardens ZSL London Zoo is home to 720 species of animals; an inspiring setting to nurture an unforgettable team building event. Our versatile Prince Albert Suite or Mappin Pavilion offer plenty of natural daylight and a fresh, airy environment and will be the base for your unifying team building experience.

From outside of your room the ancient Maori chant is heard. This is the tribal call to ‘action’. Suddenly our tribal warriors burst into your suite and your group is transfixed. In full traditional wear and adorning the distinctive face markings they perform the Haka displaying pure passion, dignity and pride.

This fantastic surprise will change the energy and focus of any event. Once greeted in Maori and English, your group are told it’s their turn next.


Cement yourself within your team. Feel tribal unity and individual pride with your colleagues and move forward as one.

Using authentic Maori tribal members, your group will learn the intriguing history and purpose of the haka before jumping into action learning the words, movements and postures.

An optional fun competition is also possible. By splitting the group into two and adding some unique tribal variations, each group will ‘face off’ to each other displaying their Hakas

We always regroup for one last performance and devote your last Haka to a present future or company objective.


Your Haka master will have your group working as one tribal team, totally focussed in perfecting this ancient ritual. Women as well as men are both essential to the Haka and will feel completely empowered.


This creative team building is a 1.5 hour experience and requires no set up, easily fitting into any agenda.


£47.00 per person based upon 30 delegates or £35.00 per person based upon 50 delegates. The cost per person reduces the higher the number of delegates that attend. All prices are excluding VAT. Hire of the meeting space at ZSL London Zoo, entrance to the Zoo and catering is additional. Please contact us for a bespoke quotation.