I'm A Delegate ... Get Me Out Of Here!

A new unique team challenge event with a very different “feel” at ZSL London Zoo

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Team building with the  I’m A Delegate … Get Me Out Of Here!


Set within 36 acres of zoological gardens at ZSL London Zoo, “I’m a Delegate…Get Me Out Of Here!” includes a range of stimulating challenges. During a half or full day, the team activity can be combined with a business meeting or leading into evening entertainment. Your headquarters will be in the Mappin Pavilion or Prince Albert Suite where your pre-team build meeting can also take place – this later turns into your “watering hole”.


Delegates are informed that there is a locked treasure chest hidden in the grounds of ZSL London Zoo. The map for the treasure chest is contained in a locked safe and it’s your task to answer clues and complete challenges. Decipher the clues to open the combination lock to get access to the treasure map and find the location of the chest. There will be a prize for every team that successfully cracks the code and gains entry to the treasure chest. An additional prize is offered for the first team back to have successfully opened the treasure chest. And it’s not necessarily the first team back that is the winner! This mission involves planning and team work and if questions on the passport have not been correctly completed or answered then the next team will have the first opportunity to unlock the safe.


Your group will be divided into teams with up to a maximum of eight people in each. These teams can be pre-decided by you or selected by us on the day. During the briefing each team will be given a safari survival bag containing various items that may help them discover clue points along the way. The basic items included in each team’s safari survival bag will include a compass, map with grid lines, length of doweling, whistle, notepad & pencil, camera and letter matrix template.

The teams are given their mission passports, which provide a list of questions to answer, and tasks to complete, all of which culminates in a code to unlock the safe to gain access to the treasure map to find the chest which contains the treasure.

Tasks and Challenges

Many clues will involve teams using their grid map and compass to move from one clue or challenge point to another. Each challenge should last no more than 10 minutes to complete and are from the choice of the below.

  • Chinese Squares
  • Nail Balance
  • Tower of Hanoi
  • Colour Code Conundrum
  • Feely Boxes

A department or company phrase or mission statement can be included as part of the challenges. For instance, a reward at each challenge point would be a card showing a letter of the alphabet. The teams will be asked to keep these as the final question on their mission passport will be to arrange the letters into a phrase.


Everyone is a winner! The winning team will have the content of the treasure chest, which will include medals, chocolate and cans of drink. There will be sufficient for the winning team to share with others. Prizes can be added and placed in the treasure chest.


“I’m a Delegate … Get Me Out of Here!” normally takes about 2.5-4 hours to complete but can be extend to a full day, plus an evening BBQ. The time required to complete this is very flexible as more “challenge points” can be introduced to accommodate a given time scale.


£59.50 per person based upon 20 delegates. The cost per person reduces the higher the number of delegates that attend. All prices are excluding VAT. Hire of the meeting space at ZSL London Zoo, entrance to the Zoo and catering is additional. Please contact us for a bespoke quotation.

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