Zoos & Conservation (Post-16)

A digital version of one of our most popular talks. Using case studies from ZSL, this session will help students to understand how zoos work to conserve endangered species; from captive breeding and reintroduction programmes, to science and education. With plenty of real-life examples and  opportunities to ask questions, this session gives students the opportunity to find out about and discuss the role of zoos in the 21st century.

Digital outreach sessions at ZSL

Age Group: Post-16 (16-18 years old years old)
Duration: 45 minutes
Capacity: 35 students
Availability: Mon-Fri at 10:30,11:30 or 12:30 (term-time only)
Cost of session: £45 

Exam Board specification links:

OCR AS Level Biology (H021)
Module 3: Biodiversity and Evolution

(d) describe the conservation of endangered animal species, both in situ and ex situ, with reference to the advantages and disadvantages of these two approaches
(f) discuss the importance of international cooperation in species conservation
EDEXCEL A Level Biology (9BN0)
Topic 4: Biodiversity and natural resources

4.1 Know that over time the variety of life has become extensive but is now being threatened by human activity.
4.16 Be able to evaluate the methods used by zoos and seed banks in the conservation of endangered species and their genetic diversity (including scientific research, captive breeding programmes, reintroduction programmes and education)
Intended learning outcomes:
Students will be able to:

  • Understand how zoos work to conserve endangered species through scientific research; captive breeding programmes; reintroduction programmes and education
  • Identify different biological methods that zoos use to help conserve animals and their habitats

Digital Outreach Technology

We recommend Microsoft Teams as the platform for delivering the Digital Outreach sessions. If you do not use this in your classroom already, other platforms are available to use upon request.

An essential, free Test Call is also booked at the time of booking the Digital Outreach session. This enables us to ensure the connection works before the actual session takes place. This test call must happen at least one week before the date of the booked session. Please have the following information to hand before booking a Digital Outreach session:

  • Contact email for teacher
  • Direct phone contact for the day in case of connection problems
  • A suitable date for your test call to take place (between 15:30 and 16:30 Mon-Fri)

TO BOOK A SESSION: Please email learning@zsl.org