School Risk Assessment

Students aged 16 or under must be supervised at all times

The health and safety of our visitors is one of our main priorities. To help ensure this, all students must be supervised whilst in the Zoo. Those aged 16 or under must always be with a designated adult from your school. Students aged 17-18 do not need to be with an adult at all times, but school staff must be in the zoo and contactable during the trip.

To enable this, we offer:

  • One free supervising adult with every five students aged 16 or under (including EYFS)
  • One free supervising adult with every ten Post-16 & HE students
  • Free entry for 1-to-1 staff supporting SEND students


Help with your Risk Assessment

ZSL policies follow Zoo Licencing Act and relevant Health and Safety legislation. 

We have been following the Government guidance closely regarding the COVID safety measures, and have been updating our Risk Assessments and advice to schools regularly in-line with this.


You are welcome to use our risk assessment guides and other documents to aid you in preparing for your visit:

Please note that these are only guidelines; we encourage you to conduct your own risk assessment. Once you have booked your trip you are entitled to a free preliminary recce visit to the zoo (one teacher per class) to help with this. We can also offer pre-visit consultations with the learning team over the phone or via a video conferencing platform. If you have not already booked these and would like to do so, please email either  or, quoting your 5-digit Order Number.

Last entry to the Zoo is one hour before the Zoo closes, please check opening times for ZSL London Zoo or ZSL Whipsnade Zoo.





You may find the following further information useful (particularly if you are assessing your visit through RADAR using the SAGED method):


  •  All ZSL staff are fully trained to complete their roles in the Zoo. ZSL maintain compliance with the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, the Zoo Licencing Act 1981 and all other health and safety legislation applicable in the countries in which ZSL operates, throughout the year.




  • Adverse weather is covered in our Risk Assessment (please see above for link)



You can also find more information on organising a school visit by downloading a copy of the Department of Education's health & safety advice for schools.