Careers - Presenter

Have you ever thought of a career in a zoo? We explore some key roles at ZSL and what they entail.


Presenters and interpreters


Qualifications and experience required

You need to be a bubbly, personable and lively person to be a presenter. We recruit people from a variety of backgrounds, including acting, teaching or anyone who has experience in public speaking. 
A biology or zoological background is advantageous.

What Zoo’s look for

Presenters and interpreters have to be good at putting themselves in other peoples' shoes. You need to like people and be committed to involving them in our activities, able to work with a range of people of different ages and levels of interest. A positive attitude and a smile are absolutely key!

What the work involves

The job is all about customer service, enthusiasm and an understanding of visitors' interests and needs. Live interpreters spend a lot of time out in the zoos, working with visitors directly, either chatting to visitors (formally or informally), being on hand to involve visitors in activities or exhibits, or presenting shows. Some of the team work with animals so their day will include some husbandry such as cleaning out, feeding and working with animals for enrichment and training.


Live interpretation training mainly consists of mentoring and feedback as you develop your presentation style and learn more of the presentations given to our visitors. Some general training is provided to help new staff understand our approach, and the team supports people to progress as animal keepers or research other attractions.

Applying for a job

Adverts for these jobs can be found on the ZSL website.