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We bring the zoo to you!

We are now running Digital Outreach sessions – where we link up to your classroom via Skype live from the zoo! 

Digital Outreach sessions can be used to extend learning after a zoo visit, or can be standalone sessions.

Each session is hosted by a member of our Discovery & Learning team and designed to meet specific National Curriculum links that directly relate to our conservation work.  By using the species we care for at the Zoo, and our conservation work out in the field, we can provide context to your classroom teaching – without your students having to leave the classroom. 

Each session costs £50 and is designed for a maximum of 35 students

You will need the following in your classroom to be able to support a digital outreach session:

To book a digital outreach session then please call our Supporter Services team on 0344 967 0831 (open every day 8.30am - 5pm). If you have any questions please email digitaloutreach@zsl.org

Terms and conditions

A presenter doing a Digital Outreach session

Explore how animals can be grouped by their features or diet.

A Digital Outreach session at Penguin Beach, ZSL London Zoo

Discover the life cycle of a penguin and compare it to other animals.

Digital Outreach an Evolution and Adaptation session

Investigate the evolution of adaptations through natural selection.

Feeding and Food Chain outreach session

‘Feeding and Food Chains’ is designed to support classroom learning on...

Doing a Skype call with a school at the giant tortoise exhibit.

Join the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) online, from the comfort of your...

I like to move it - education session

Some Frequently Asked Questions to help you prepare for your session.