Events in the lead-up to the Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference 2018

Prior to the 2018 Illegal Wildlife Trade (IWT) Conference (11-12 October), ZSL is hosting a number of events to accelerate activity and bring about positive and constructive engagement toward overcoming challenges in the abolition of IWT.

3 October - Machine Learning and Data Sharing to combat Illegal Wildlife Trade

The incubator event led and hosted by ZSL at ZSL London Zoo, saw representatives from leading technology companies, government, academia and NGOs pledge to donate their infrastructure, share their data and collectively support law enforcement authorities and the conservation community through the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

A group of people stood together at ZSL London Zoo

9 October - Evidence to Action: Research to Address the IWT


This event covered the full range of areas in which research can support action, explicitly reaching across IWT stakeholder groups to learn from experience and build collaborations that can inform policy and action. We sought a diversity of approaches and perspectives.

10 October – Community voices: Local perspectives on International Responses to IWT

IIED, IUCN and TRAFFIC are partnering with FFI and ZSL to convene a meeting that provides a unique opportunity for local people who live alongside wildlife from IWT source countries to: 

  • Voice their opinions and share their experience of current efforts and progress made in combatting IWT
  • Meet and exchange experiences
  • Amplify their voice in international IWT policymaking. 

The meeting focussed on community perspectives of what works, what doesn’t and why when engaging communities in the fight against IWT.

Additionally, we attended the Google Cloud Next '18 seminar on 10 October and presented our vision of AutoML in the battle against illegal Wildlife Trade:

11-12 October – Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference

Hosted by the UK government, ZSL will be playing an active role in the London Illegal Wildlife Trade conference, which will bring together global leaders to help eradicate IWT and better protect the world’s most iconic species from the threat of extinction.
Topics covered will include tackling wildlife and corruption, IWT as a serious crime; building coalitions with the private sector, NGOs and academia to harness technology and innovation; the closing of markets for illegally traded wildlife (such as ivory markets) and most importantly, the calling to action of heads-of-state from around the globe.

We are hopeful for positive and constructive outcomes; practical actions having been put into place and organisations working together to bring about the end of the illegal wildlife trade.

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A one-horned rhino in a field in Chitwan

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