Conservation in Antarctica

penguin in bubble

Penguins are one of our most iconic and loved species for people around the world, of all ages. Working with partners, we have been gathering data and science to help protect their future, which we want these incredible creatures to remain a part of - we're here to help them and so can you.

Creating a lifeline for penguins

“Penguin Lifelines” is a collaboration between ZSL and Oxford University that ran to 2014 researching the threats to Antarctic penguins. Using conservtion technology such as camera traps in the field combined with our scientists looking at the genetics of penguin feathers, we were able to get a complete picture of how penguin populations are changing. Our findings will be used to inform future policy and help make the public aware of the impacts of climate change.

You can help protect their future

We are all conservationists for the living world. Every penny you can spare will help the penguins in Antarctica. Please give what you can to support them.

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