Antelope breeding in Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a large country with an important biodiversity, but one in which many species are today threatened with extinction.

ZSL has a contract with the Saudi Wildlife Authority (SWA) to run a captive breeding program, conduct researches, and biodiversity conservation in Saudi Arabia.

Why we are there

  • To provide the highest quality of captive animal management for a living gene bank of threatened Arabian species in order to maintain genetically viable populations for the long-term, and to meet the demands for the reintroduction and replenishment of wild populations and private collections.
  • To provide the Saudi Wildlife Authority (SWA) with information and recommendations for the management of natural resources both inside and outside protected areas for the conservation of biodiversity in Saudi Arabia.
  • Contribute to the species lists of extant vertebrates in Protected Areas using the latest survey and monitoring techniques.
  • To conduct research on diseases and parasites of Arabian wildlife, and other projects related to animal health (both in the wild and in captivity) in order to better understand the epidemiology, incidence, prevention, control, treatment, and impact of these diseases.

Key achievements and goals

  1. Successful captive breeding program for 5 ungulate species at KKWRC.
  2. Long term study and monitor biodiversity at different protected area in Saudi Arabia. SWA is regularly updated with results and recommendation for the conservation of biodiversity in Saudi Arabia.
  3. Many researches related to wildlife conservation were implemented and published.


Project information

Key species

  • Gazella erlangeri (Neumann's gazelle)
  • Gazella arabica (Arabian gazelle)
  • Gazella marica (Sand gazelle)
  • Capra nubiana (Nubian ibex)
  • Oryx leucoryx (Arabian oryx)

People involved

Mohamed Sandouka
Acting director, operation/collection manager

Fekadu Desta
Clinical veterinarian

Fadl A. Fadl

Partners & Sponsors

  • Partners: Saudi Wildlife Authority
  • Sponsors: Saudi Wildlife Authority