ZSL supports Nepal in the wake of earthquake tragedy


ZSL would like to acknowledge and say thank you for the donations received so far in support of the safety and security of Park Guards.

The Nepal earthquakes and their aftermath have claimed thousands of lives. The epicentre of the first quake on 25 April lay between Kathmandu and Pokhara, close to the region where ZSL has concentrated conservation efforts.

Find out more about ZSL's conservation work in Nepal. 

Forest Guards and National Park Staff are stranded in remote locations, living in makeshift tents without warm clothing and field gear. Donations are needed to support their safety and security as well as its iconic species such as tigers, rhinos and snow leopards, which face the threat of opportunistic poaching.

Funds raised will go towards meeting immediate needs for food, fuel, clean water and shelter for park staff particularly at high altitude and at key sites in the lowland as well as safeguarding Nepal's national parks to curb poaching.


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