Show your support for Marine Conservation Zones

The Zoological Society of London (ZSL) is calling for a network of Marine Conservation Zones to be created throughout our seas.

Right now, here in the UK, the Government is consulting on the designation of Marine Conservation Zones (known as ‘MCZs’) in English waters.

This public consultation will run until 31 March – be sure to submit your response in time and support the call for MCZs.

Our seas are under immense and increasing pressure - overfishing, pollution, climate change and habitat loss are all having devastating effects on the ocean and the biodiversity it supports.

Like national parks on land, MCZs can create safe havens for marine wildlife. As well as protecting and restoring the habitats and species within their boundaries, MCZs are able to support the wider environment and provide ecological safety margins against disasters and the continued degradation of the ocean.

A network of 127 MCZs has been proposed in English waters - but the UK Government is suggesting that only 31 of them should be designated this year.

As part of the Great British Oceans, ZSL will be responding to the public consultation, supporting the call for the entire proposed network – of 127 Marine Conservation Zones – to be designated.

On Monday 25 February ZSL took part in the Marine Conservation Society’s Westminster rally for 127 MCZs, along with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and the Fish Fight team.

Find out more about ZSL’s collaborative work on MCZs by visiting the Great British Oceans website and following us on Twitter @MRC_marine .

For more information on the public consultation, and instructions on how to respond, visit the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs .

Join the fight for our seas and support 127 Marine Conservation Zones on the Fish Fight website.

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