Endangered: Species behind the lens

Monday 20 November, 6:30-9:00pm, ZSL London Zoo, £5

White Bellied Pangolin Hanging on Tail
White Bellied Pangolin Hanging on Tail

World renowned wildlife photographer Tim Flach will join experts from international conservation charity ZSL (Zoological Society of London) this November to shine a spotlight on some of the world’s most endangered species at Endangered: Species behind the lens on Monday 20 November.

The event, celebrating the publication of Tim Flach’s latest project, Endangered (published by Abrams), will tell the story of the species behind some of his most powerful images. The evening of discussion will explore how the acclaimed photographer captured shots of some of Earth’s rarest animals, from the world’s most illegally trafficked mammal, the pangolin, to the La Palma pupfish (Cyprinodon longidorsalis), now extinct in the wild. With each species in the book specifically selected for their story, Tim will describe how he framed each shot to best promote a connection between readers and his animal subjects.  

These accounts will be accompanied by the insight of ZSL’s own zoologists and field conservationists, who are working on the ground worldwide to bring these remarkable animals back from the edge of extinction.

Tim Flach, said: “As animals and ecosystems across the world face harsher challenges than ever before, I’m hoping that my work can help connect people to their plight and highlight the need for action. 

“I worked with ZSL on many of the images featured in Endangered, both at their collections and at their fieldwork sites, and look forward to having the chance to explore these images in more depth alongside the experts that are working for wildlife worldwide.”

Through powerful imagery and personal stories, the evening will highlight the plight of species across the globe, from the vultures of Asia and Africa to the tiny Partula tree snails of French Polynesia, and feature the voices of individuals from across ZSL, from aquarium curator and conservationists to head veterinarian. 

Combining images taken both within zoological collections, including ZSL London Zoo, and in the wild, the main event will run from 6:30-8:00pm and will be followed by a book signing alongside a chance to chat to the speakers.  

A truly unique event exploring the stories of the species behind the images, Endangered: Species behind the lens is an unmissable event for anyone with a passion for wildlife photography or a love of the natural world.

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