Latest News from Conservation

Photo - Close-up photo of a baby pangolin approaching the camera

Baby pangolin saved from illegal wildlife trade

Photo - Camera trap image of a large red deer with antlers, walking through a grassy field with trees in the background

The citizen science platform continues to expand, giving users an insight into the natural world while contributing to conservation work.

Photo - Rows of palm saplings in a field stretching off into the distance

Palm oil companies need to increase understanding of oil's origin in order to protect wildlife.

Partula rosea reintroduction on Huahine

World’s biggest wildlife reintroduction project celebrates five years of success

Photo - A girl trying the VR experience while her friends watch, with the Thames and Tower Bridge in the background

ZSL launches underwater virtual reality experience to uncover London’s incredible wildlife

Photo - Two young seals on the sand by the water's edge, looking at camera

138 harbour seals born in the Thames in a single year.

Photo - close-up of a small light brown bat held in a gloved hand

One of the world’s rarest bats is confined to a single cave in Western Cuba and in urgent need of conservation attention.

Tight cropped photo of a young African elephant stood next to it's mother.

The FT Seasonal Appeal increases awareness of a chosen charity each year through dedicated editorial coverage of its work.

Landscape photo of a hilly forest with a cleared area cutting through the middle

Tropical forestry companies posing risk to sector and investors with only 6% assessing climate risks

Close up photograph of native oysters in a small wooden box.

Conservation coalition begins restoration of UK’s largest protected area for native oysters.