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Ecosystem degradation is one of the greatest challenges we face, putting people and wildlife at risk. Therefore, it is more important than ever for scientists to engage effectively with policymakers.

The Global Legislators Organisation, known as GLOBE International, is a cross-party legislators’ forum with participants from the major economies and developing nations.

GLOBE’s International Commission on Land Use Change and Ecosystems (ICLUCE) develops internationally-coordinated proposals on environmental legislation. ZSL is the scientific advisory body for ICLUCE. Scientists from ZSL present scientific evidence and policy recommendations during meetings of GLOBE parliamentarians.

ZSL has provided scientific advice to GLOBE parliamentarians since the inception of ICLUCE in November 2008. 

Translating Science for Parliamentarians

The lack of effective communication between the worlds of science and policy has contributed to the continued widespread degradation of ecosystems. The Zoological Society of London is contributing to the development of international conservation policy in our role as scientific advisors to parliamentarians from GLOBE International.

Tropical Forests

GLOBE legislators are taking action to reduce tropical deforestation, by addressing the role of demand for commodities, the underlying causes of deforestation in forest nations, and the creation of payments for forest carbon.

Accounting for Natural Capital

ZSL works with GLOBE to draw attention to new and innovative methods of valuing and accounting for biodiversity, ecosystem services and natural resources. GLOBE parliamentarians are very interested in how the national accounts can be modified to better account for the true value of natural capital.

Oceans and Climate Change

ZSL is engaged in communicating the ecological and economic impacts of climate change and acidification on the world’s oceans to GLOBE legislators.

GLOBE International

Partners and Donors

GLOBE International is supported by UNEP and GEF. Key partners in the collaboration are the Grantham Institute at the London School of Economics, and Volans.

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