Connect Chagos Internship

ZSL Head Office, Regent’s Park, London

Job title: Connect Chagos Internship (Three / four days per week)

Department: Discovery and Learning

Responsible to: Connect Chagos Support Officer

Application Closing Date: Ongoing until suitable candidate found


Connect Chagos Project

Initiated in 2012 the Connect Chagos project was created to engage with Chagossian communities, initially based in the UK, in order to increase environmental awareness and skills and to contribute practically to the conservation of the Chagos Archipelago.


Connect Chagos Project


Project Objectives

  1. Increase general awareness within the Chagossian communities of issues affecting the environment of the Chagos Islands.
  2. Identify individual Chagossians with the interest in, and potential for, environmental training.
  3. Provide mentoring, support and training to build scientific and practical conservation skills for a small group of Chagossians with demonstrated potential.


Tasks the volunteer will be asked to undertake (with support from the Connect Chagos team):

  • Act as a community contact for the Connect Chagos project with members of the Chagossian communities in the UK while informing members of project news.
  • Assist with organisation of regular community events and the development of the upcoming environment training course.
  • Support those community members undertaking advanced conservation training courses.
  • Liaise with project partners to develop ongoing outreach strategies.
  • Help with preparation of courses and associated materials and communications.
  • Represent ZSL and the Connect Chagos team.


Anticipated skills and experience required:

  • Good written and communication skills
  • Competent IT skills
  • Ability to work on own or within a small team
  • Knowledge of the Chagossian communities within the UK
  • Spoken French and/or Creole


Skills and experience volunteer will gain:

  • Experience of working with the Zoological Society of London and the Connect Chagos Team.
  • Experience of working with the Chagossian communities within the UK
  • Experience of working with various Connect Chagos project partners Experience organising and hosting events and developing a conservation themed training course.
  • Scientific and practical conservation skills
  • Greater understanding of the Chagos Islands and its environment.


Additional information

  • Position for 6 months (3-4 days per week) with regular travel to the Chagossian communities in Crawley and Manchester.
  • Travel expenses will be covered as well as a contribution for lunch.
  • Potential for time to be spent working directly with project partners such as RSPB.

File Volunteer and Volunteer Intern Connect Chagos Application Form (60.33 KB)

For further information and assistance with completing the application you are welcome to contact the Connect Chagos Team using the details below. Alternatively an opportunity to meet the team in person will be provided in Crawley and Manchester before the application deadline.



Rudy Pothin

Amdeep Sanghera

Kirsty Richards

Connect Chagos Outreach Assistant

Connect Chagos Support Officer

Connect Chagos Project Coordinator

Phone:  020 7449 6646

Phone:  020 7449 6646

Phone: 020 7449 6480