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UK Orchard fieldwork

I thought it was time to tell you all why on earth I have been getting up at silly o’clock to count birds in the orchards of Herefordshire. It was...

Setting up the Gers on 2014 Mongolia Summer Field Course

Part 2 in our interviews with past field course students. This week it is Mooji from Mongolia.

The students and Ruth with their certificates

I’ve almost come to the end of my time here now. It’s been an amazing two weeks...

The large, bright yellow, Lolesha Luangwa truck

The following week I meet Sylvester, who is now back at work. The next Park Visit is tomorrow and we need to have a plan!

Morelet's tree frog by Rachael Antwis

Rachael Antwis describes the latest developments in ZSL's work to try and tackle the devastating chytridiomycosis disease which is threatening...


Professor Rosie Woodroffe gives us an overview of her experience of the science and politics of the badger cull controversy.

An elephant at Marula

I have to pinch myself as I look up from my laptop and glance out of the window only to see an elephant...

Spider woodcut  from Aldrovandi circa 1638
by asylph on

A spider celebration this month with the opening of the new In with the Spiders on 23 May at ZSL London Zoo. Whilst at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo you can...

The shower and toilet, with only three walls.

I quickly begin to realise that this is perhaps the best view I will ever have whilst sitting on the loo!

ZAWA scouts changing the flat tyre by the river bank

I am with a group of wildlife officers who are on their way to start one of their patrols...

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Every month one of the pieces held in ZSL’s Library and at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo will feature here as Artefact of the month.

Arts and Culture

Follow the latest news on ZSL’s Arts & Culture projects at ZSL London and Whipsnade Zoos, and ZSL’s conservation work through the lense of the Arts.

Asia Conservation Program

Get the latest on ZSL's conservation work in Asia.


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Discovery and Learning in the Field

Join the ZSL Discovery and Learning team as they venture out of the zoo and in to the wild.


ZSL Whipsnade Zoo's elephant keepers give an insight into the daily goings on in the elephant barn.

Tiger conservation

Read about conservation of tigers in Asia.

Videographer Blog

One man is boldly going where no other ZSL videographer has gone before - the land of Mountain Chicken Frogs.

ZSL London Zoo

A blog for lovers of ZSL London Zoo. Bringing you amazing animal facts and exclusive access to the world's scientific oldest zoo.

Wild Science

From the field, to the lab, catch up with the scientists on the cutting edge of conservation biology at ZSL’s Institute of Zoology.

Wildlife Wood Project Cameroon

The Wildlife Wood Project has been working in Cameroon since 2007 to encourage better wildlife management in logging concessions.

Penguin expedition blog

Updates from penguin conservation expeditions to Antarctica

Amur Leopard

Amur leopard conservation blog

Baby Giraffe Diaries

Meet ZSL Whipsnade Zoo's latest (and leggiest) arrival, a baby giraffe!

Biodiversity and Palm Oil

Follow the ZSL Biodiversity and Palm Oil team, based in Bogor, Indonesia.

Chagos Expedition

The Chagos marine reserve, designated in 2010 and currently the world’s largest no take marine reserve, is a sought-after spot for marine research.

Frog Blog

Follow ZSL’s amphibian experts in their quest to find out why 41% of the world’s amphibians are threatened and what can be done to stop more species becoming extinct.

Tsaobis Baboon Blog

Follow ZSL conservationists studying desert baboons in Namibia.