7 staycation ideas in London

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If you’re looking for safe things to do in London, look no further. This summer, London Zoo is bringing the experience of round-the-world travel, straight to your doorstep. Staycations just got a whole lot better. Read on and let us tell you how to travel the world in 7 ways. 

Don’t forget to pack your cameras for some seriously enviable selfies! Thinking of proposing? Celebrating an anniversary? Off on a citybreak? Below are some of the hottest and memorable photo-ops the UK has to offer. Read on!

1. All aboard for a round-the-world trip without leaving London! 

Now boarding! Book your tickets to London Zoo and pick up your Zoo Passport to travel safely. Get ready to be whisked around the world on a trip like no-other, and without the cumbersome customs checks. As with flights though, do make sure you book online and in advance* to get your desired dates pencilled in early on.

Jodie with Guy the gorilla statue at ZSL London Zoo


2. Journey Into Africa 

Your first port of call on your staycation of a lifetime is a whistle-stop tour of African wildlife. Find yourself face-to-face with zebras, giraffes, hippos and much much more, on our walkable safari. And have your camera ready as you measure-up against our amazing animals. How tall are you really? Pygmy Hippo height or are you more of an Okapi?

Oni the okapi at ZSL London Zoo


3. Explore dense rainforest surrounded by fascinating wildlife 

Venture into the Amazon rainforest! Journey into the UK’s only living rainforest and look up! From floor to ceiling you’ll find yourself surrounded by some of the world’s most amazing creatures, including our sloth family and every Amazonian primate you could possibly imagine. You don’t get much more immersive than this.

Tourists and London Zoo with face masks


4. Next stop – India! 

Hop inside a Rickshaw for a quick selfie as you enter one of London Zoo’s most immersive exhibits, transporting you to the Gir National Park in the Gujurat region of India. Find yourself face-to-face with some of the Gir’s most iconic animals, including lions!

Photo - A colourful Indian themed marketplace replica with brightly painted shops and stalls


5. Surrounded by beautiful lanterns, your next stop is Indonesia! 

It’s a very grand welcome to wider Asia as you pass through the majestic gates to Tiger Territory, surrounded by colourful Indonesian lanterns and vibrant parasols. As you make your way along our tailored route, you’ll find one of the earth’s most beautiful creatures, the Sumatran Tiger, to your right – and one of the world’s ugliest, the babirusa pigs, to your left! You’ll barely believe your eyes, so have your phone in-hand to capture the moment!



6. Dive beneath the ocean’s surface and meet the creatures of the sea floor 

Pop in to a bubble of calm as we whisk you into the peaceful world of ocean depths. Surrounded by tangible textures and serene sounds, this is a multi-sensory haven for kids of all ages and a must-see on your world tour for sure.

child enjoys jellyfish


7. Explore the continent of South America 

Including Havana (ooh na-na), this is the continent where you’ll meet the Galapagos Tortoises, don carnival wings and pose as one of our colourful Macaws for yet another great photo op and revel at our Humbolt Penguins, native to Chile and Peru, as they glide underwater and waddle on land, at one of our star attractions - Penguin Beach.

A lady taking a selfie at Penguin Beach


Well what are you waiting for? It’s never been easier to see the world without leaving London.

Book a daycation to make memories that last a lifetime, right now! 

Book now 

Step aside Air BnB, only at London Zoo can you sleep with the lions right in the heart of Regent’s Park. Booking for an overnight stay includes exclusive overnight tours, delicious meals and not one, but two whole days at one, or one day each at our Zoos. First class! 

Book an overnight stay 

Know before you go – as one of the safest things to do in London, we do have some social distancing measures for you to be aware of when you arrive. Have a quick look through our FAQs before your visit, we’ve taken care of everything so you don’t have to worry. 

* Different booking conditions apply for our Members, Patrons and Fellows – please see our Supporter booking guidelines. 

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