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Get snap happy at our Zoos this summer and send your favourites to We love seeing your pictures from recent visits – here are just some of the best we’ve had sent in this year! 


Children by the penguin pool at London Zoo

"My kids love animals, so we invested in a ZSL gold membership in lockdown to allow us to have as many animal adventures as we wanted, as well as supporting the Zoos while they were closed. Matilda the tiger (on the left) is particularly animal mad and loves crocodiles and snakes the most – she isn't scared of anything! Penguin Beach is one of our favourite spots to sit and have a picnic while watching the penguins swimming up and down." Sarah Glanville (mum) and Matilda (6), Oscar (4), Scarlett (8), Esme (4) and family friend Maisey (7).   


Giraffe at Whipsnade Zoo

"The giraffes at Whipsnade Zoo are friendly characters and I love being able to see them up close; I think they're such elegant and graceful creatures. I try to visit as often as I can as the Zoos offer a great opportunity for me to experiment with my photography which is something I'm very passionate about and am hoping to pursue career-wise." Hollie Young 


Member helps to keep the Zoo clean

"I love the Zoo because it is really nice to see that so many people care about saving animals so they don't go extinct. Since I was a baby, I have enjoyed regular trips to Whipsnade and listening to the talks have helped me gain an understanding of wildlife and threats to animals. I spent some time in Spring litter picking [pictured] because I felt it was wrong that people were dropping litter in a place where you are supposed to be helping the animals." Emilia Tucker-Lane (10), ZSL Member 


Lynx at Whipsnade Zoo

"I'm a regular visitor to Whipsnade and I have been volunteering there for the past three years. I love how big and peaceful the Zoo is; all the animals have spacious enclosures which are always clean and have plenty for them to occupy them, and the keepers do a wonderful job looking after them. Lynx are one of my favourite cats to observe and photograph, especially Ruby [pictured] and Amber. I had just finished my volunteering shift and popped over to see them and Ruby happily sat posing for me for five minutes!" Sarah Tuck, ZSL Member and Volunteer 


Member's first trip to London Zoo

“This was Isla-Mae’s first trip to the Zoo! Although she seems to be sleeping in most of the photos it was only for about 20 minutes – she doesn’t sleep much. It is very important to me that Isla-Mae grows up being around and learning about all animals, and we became members the same day so we could enjoy the animals all year round. We live a 20-minute walk away from London Zoo and we've already been three times since becoming members!” Hollie Hogan (mum) and Isla-Mae (2 months), ZSL Members 


Artwork at London Zoo

"London Zoo inspired my love of wildlife as a child, it was the first Zoo I ever visited, and it's exciting to now work here as a research assistant, studying crocodilians through time. The project involves scouring scientific literature in the ZSL Archives [pictured] in search of crocodilian occurrences from around the world! My favourite spots at the Zoo are definitely the Reptile House and the Attenborough Komodo Dragon House, I could watch the animals in there for hours, and I'll often head into the Zoo to practice my sketching!" Grace Varnham 


Rhino at Whipsnade Zoo

"Rhinos are one of many favourites of mine, and I didn't have to wait long to capture this photo of Nandi the young calf. I'm passionate about rhino conservation and they are genuinely beautiful animals to look at. What I particularly enjoy about Whipsnade Zoo is the stunning views and that the animals have so much space. It's like they are in the wild." Pete Martin 


Member watches the Giraffes at Whipsnade Zoo

“Giraffes have always been my favourite animal since I was little, and having grown quite tall myself, I now feel even more connected to our tall four-legged friend. My mum and I have a joint membership and we do a lot together. We are a family that enjoys a day out together, so anything from a trip to the seaside to a day at the Zoo is the perfect way to spend time together. I find that the Zoo is the perfect place for clearing the mind." Alexa Putman, ZSL Member 


African Wild Dog at Whipsnade Zoo

"As a ZSL member, I like the ability to visit the Zoo whenever I want – I love animals and I find the Zoo really relaxing. African wild dogs are definitely one of my favourite species to visit. I love seeing them interact with each other and picking up on their different personalities. It's clear how much they care for each other and ensure their whole pack is well looked after." Kerry Hayes, ZSL Member 


Amur Tiger at Whipsnade Zoo

"Whipsnade has played a huge part in developing my love of wildlife, being able to see and learn about animals which you wouldn't normally see is great. Zoos play such an important role educating people about how so many animals are endangered and risk becoming extinct. I recently helped raise money for tigers by doing 130 squats a day for a month – something I would probably not done if I hadn't seen them at places like Whipsnade!" Melanie White, ZSL Member 



We want your photos! Got any great shots of you or your family at the Zoo, or an epic animal pic from your last visit? Send them to and you could feature on the website or in Wild About magazine. 

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