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So many of you have been snapping away on your visits to the Zoos! Here are some of our favourites that you’ve sent in. (And keep them coming! Send your pics to  


Tania Sandhu, ZSL Member

“I love watching the animals and I find the Zoo relaxing – it’s somewhere you can chill and take your time with. As someone who thoroughly enjoys the Zoo so much, I thought it would be a good idea to join as a member. Zebras are one of my favourite animals, they are so pretty and calm. The question is: are zebras white with black stripes or black with white stripes?!” Tania Sandhu, ZSL Member 


Photo by Tom Riley, ZSL Member

“I captured this image at London Zoo after taking advantage of the photography workshop. The workshop was a great way to learn about things like composition and how to capture other elements, like paws and markings. Having the opportunity to get up close with the lemurs was a real highlight. They allow you to take in the beauty of their bright round eyes, soft fur and in some cases their playful side.” Tom Riley, ZSL Member 


Photo by Amber Rainsford, ZSL Member

“Tigers have big personalities – I think that’s part of their charm and why I love them. They’re very affectionate with each other which is sweet to see; the tigers at both Zoos are often snuggling or rubbing heads. They are also pretty playful, and when the weathers warmer they’re normally playing about with their enrichment which is really fun to watch. They’re overall just great animals and look incredibly majestic up close!" Amber Rainsford, ZSL Member 


Photo by Elisa Briscioli of son Irity, ZSL Members

“We were fortunate to visit the Galapagos exhibit on the open day for members but have visited it on other occasions as well. In one visit we spent a good half an hour recording the movements of the tortoises (we made a map for each of them), only to find, near the exit of the exhibit, a video with the recordings of their movements overnight. It was such a great resource to enrich our experience!” Elisa Briscioli and son Irity (pictured), ZSL Members 


Photo by Megan Allen, ZSL Member

“I usually spend my birthdays at the Zoo, so membership was just the logical next step. Plus, there's no pressure to hurry things along – I don't have to try to see the entire Zoo in a single visit, so I can really take my time. The squirrel monkeys are definitely my favourite animals at London Zoo, they are so outgoing and curious. I got this photo while watching a few of the monkeys wrestling over the table. Once the other monkeys gave up, the winning guy stretched out over the tabletop to stake his claim. He certainly earned it!” Megan Allen, ZSL Member


 Photo by Jenni Cresswell of son Leo, ZSL Members

“We always wrap up warm for winter trips to the Zoo, but when it’s sunny like that it just doesn’t matter. Some of our favourite visits to the Zoo are cold days, and the view over the Downs is just the best. Especially on a clear blue day! We totally followed my son’s lead on this visit and penguins were our last stop of the day (with a quick trip to the lynx on the way out). He likes the way they waddle!” Jenni Cresswell and son Leo (pictured), ZSL Members 


Photo by Chris Ballard, ZSL Member

“As an autistic photographer, I’ve always been fascinated with animals, and membership allows me to document beautiful and unique species. Seeing the penguins spring from the water at amazing speed inspired me to improve my action photography! This penguin was chasing one of his friends so, to get the shot, I followed his friend in front for a few minutes and analysed their pattern. There was a lot of trial and error, as the penguin’s would switch up the height of their dives, but this just makes the shot extra special!” Chris Ballard, ZSL Member 


Carly Monk (left), husband Scott, son Logan and best friend Charlotte, ZSL Members

“We’ve all been members since June 2021. We live 10 minutes from Whipsnade Zoo so it’s perfect to take our son to see the animals and go to the soft play. It was a lovely sunny day when we visited. We went in the butterfly house, then to the farm, then on to the tigers and elephants – all my favourite places in the Zoo. Elephants are my favourite animal; I’m going to do the elephant experience at Whipsnade in April and I’m very excited!” Carly Monk (left), husband Scott, son Logan and best friend Charlotte, ZSL Members


Painting by Colette Clegg, ZSL Member

“I am preparing paintings to submit to the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the year 2022 and the Society of Wildlife Artists, and the Zoos are an excellent way to access wildlife. This painting was part of a January drawing challenge – I did several drawings of the penguins on site at Whipsnade, and when I got home I made a series of painting on paper using acrylic paint and large brushes. The important thing for me is to capture the energy of the penguins and their quirky natures. They are excellent life models!”  Colette Clegg, ZSL Member 


Photo by Sarah Cox, ZSL Member

“I first became a ZSL member in August last year. I come to practice my photography but I love all that the Zoo does for their animals and I also like to keep up with the news. The ostrich stood out to me as he or she wasn’t getting the attention they deserved. We had a little chat and, with a bit of patience, I managed to get this photo. I think there might have been a little smile on the ostrich’s face and mine when I left!” Sarah Cox, ZSL Member 



We want your photos! Got any great shots of you or your family at the Zoo, or an epic animal pic from your last visit? Send them to and you could feature on the website or in Wild About magazine. 






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