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We can’t wait to have you back when the Zoos reopen later this spring! So many of you have sent us photos from your visits before the Zoos closed – here are some of our favourites.

Wild About members photo gallery - Lizanne Dove

 “Hunter (pictured) and his cousin Luca enjoy the freedom and space both Zoos have to offer. Hunter turns four in March and, having visited the Zoo regularly since being a few months old, he has missed the routine of a Zoo visit. Hunter loves the giraffes (Mummy’s favourite animal too!) and he is really excited to see the new giraffe addition at Whipsnade, baby Margaret!” Lizanne Dove, mum


Members Photo Gallery - Luke Capeling

 “Bob is SO adorable. Most people love him for that trademark Emperor Tamarin moustache, but what melts my heart most is his bond with Bandit, the golden lion-headed tamarin. Rainforest Life one of the most amazing parts of ZSL London Zoo, to be up close with the worlds most amazing rainforest species is very special. But it can come with its challenges when photographing these amazing species, especially the heat and humidity!” Luke Capeling


Members Photo Gallery  - Sharon Allen

 “Whipsnade is such a beautiful place to spend the day with our granddaughter Willow. We love taking her regularly, and we hope it will encourage her interest in wildlife and maintain her love of the great outdoors. She always chooses where we have our picnic, which is usually sitting watching the elephants!” Sharon Allen, grandparent



Members Photo Gallery - Cat Major

 “Aisling’s favourite is the tiger, or 'the tiger who came to tea' as she calls him. She was so happy on our last visit when he came right up to the glass showing off. We really miss going, it's always guaranteed to be a nice day out and the way you dealt with Covid-19 and the procedures put in place after the first lockdown were really good. As well as the tigers we will be going to the penguins first when you reopen, they are so relaxing to watch and we could sit by the glass windows for hours.” Catherine Major, mum


Members Photo Gallery - Colin Le Boutillier

 “The way this young mara was butting the mother to get the milk flowing reminded me of sheep. They were on the other side of the avenue leading from the roundabout towards Base Camp and looked just like spring lambs! I most miss being able to pop in whenever I like, even if only for a few minutes. I think Margaret the new giraffe will be top of the list when Whipsnade reopens.” Colin Le Boutillier


Members Photo Gallery - Diane Holwerda photo

 “Evelyn is two and a half and has been a visitor to the Zoo since she was born. She mostly enjoys getting around on her scooter, seeing the rhinos and having a brownie at River Cottage. As grandparents, we hope Evie has fun, gains knowledge and makes happy memories from our visits to the Zoo. We have missed everything about not visiting the zoo and we can’t wait to get back. The first thing we will do is scooter to the rhinos, then the crocodiles, and go get a brownie!” Diane Holwerda, grandparent


Members Photo Gallery - Rick and Barbara Crook

“This photo was taken in November, a ‘last hurrah’ before the second lockdown. We became members in 2004 and have been Fellows for nine or ten years. We usually start with the lynx and work our way around to the elephants for a lunch break, where we try to sit on ‘Barb’s’ bench – a 60th birthday present. Thank you to all the keepers for keeping the animals safe and well, we have missed visiting very much!” Rick and Barbara Crook


Members photo gallery - Steven Hill

“I love taking photos of the animals in their own environment and no two photos are the same. Whipsnade is the perfect place to take photos of animals because there are a lot of different animals in a natural environment. I can't wait for the Zoo to open again so I can catch up with the new arrivals and visit my favourites, the elephants and lions!” Steven Hill


Members photo gallery - Gavin Beales

“Whipsnade is wonderful for nature photography, its large open enclosures allow excellent, uninterrupted views of its many animals. Since the zoo has been closed, my partner and I have really missed spending time at both Zoos and we are really looking forward to the doors opening again soon. The loss of revenue for both zoos has also prompted me to nominate ZSL in my will. You can leave 10% of your estate tax free to a charity and I particularly wanted to nominate ZSL, to thank you for the many happy times we have spent there, and to support the great work you do.” Gavin Beales



We want your photos! Got any great shots of you or your family at the Zoo, or an epic animal pic from your last visit? Send them to and you could feature on the website or in Wild About magazine.

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