Superhero Species!

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We all love superheroes! But many of their superpowers are no more remarkable than those of the weird and wonderful EDGE species.

As part of our 10 year anniversary celebrations, we're recognising the extraordinary powers of some of our favourite EDGE animals. 

Superpower: Super kicks! 


The secretarybird, found in sub-Saharan Africa, is one of the few birds of prey that hunts entirely on the ground. It can kick deadly snakes in the head, or stamp on them to break their spines. In fact, a single kick by a secretarybird is powerful enough to completely shatter a human hand! 


Superpower: Super healing 


Axolotls have incredible healing powers. Not only can they re-grow lost toes and fingers, it’s also been demonstrated that they can regenerate entire limbs, including their legs and tails. Even more amazingly, it’s been found that injured axolotls can actually re-grow missing parts of their brains! 


Super power: Super armour 


A pangolin has super-strong scales. When it's threatened, it rolls into a tight ball and not even a lion or tiger can bite through its armour - even though a tiger’s bite can crush a human skull!

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