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All the animal facts to save your quiz night!

If, like us, you’ve suddenly been enveloped in a world of evening engagements that take place between your sofa and mobile phone, then you too may have found yourself in the unexpected season now known as Quizmas.

Giraffes are counted in the annual stocktake at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

And whereas we may all be more familiar with the sentiment of British glam rock group Wizzard’s ‘I wish it could be Christmas every day’, with Quizmas there’s no need to wish because it genuinely is every day – or something close to it anyway.

With various ‘pub quizzes’ (without the pub) cropping up from one group of friends to the other, the inevitable is soon to happen: suddenly, out of the hazy ‘what day is it again?’ blue, the time has’s your turn.

By now you’ve experienced it all: from your film fanatic friends photoshopped into movie scenes you can never unsee, to that overly academic couple you’ll never look in the eye again after wrongly identifiying Wellington as a boot instead of the capital of New Zealand (‘why would there be a boot in the geography round?’).

Heat map of world showing areas of warmth along with population distribution

With neither the creative energy nor, somehow, the time to create a quiz-cum-Ant and Dec style variety show you now find yourself at a loss for what do to – and, suddenly, it’s tricky to claim you have ‘other plans’.

Well fear not, we asked around our teams across ZSL, from keepers to animal behaviouralists, to collate some of our favourite and unexpected animal facts from the weird and wonderful world of wildlife.

If you’ve already tried our mini interactive quiz to test your knowledge of all things strange in the animal kingdom you’ll know that in the wild – truly anything goes.

So get ready to stun your friends with your eclectic knowledge of the animal kingdom and become the envy of quiz teams everywhere. Names of capital cities be damned, it’s time to take this quiz wild.

Our top animal questions to save quiz night

  1. What shape is a wombat’s poo? A) Circular B) Triangular C) Square
  2. What is the world’s biggest fish?
  3. A slow worm is not actually a worm. What type of animal is it?
  4. Puggle is the name for what baby animal? A) Pangolin B) Platypus C) Possum
  5. Bombus is the Latin term for what type of invertebrate?
  6. What is a narwhal’s tusk made out of?
  7. What is special about the way the Surinam toad looks after it’s babies? A) it keeps them in holes in the skin on its back B) it keeps them in its stomach C) it sticks them to its back and carries them around
  8. What species has the largest eyes in the animal kingdom?
  9. What country does the axolotl come from in the wild?
  10. What amphibians do you need a license to handle in the UK? 


  • C) square
  • Whale shark (can grow to over 12 metres in length and over 21 tonnes!)
  • Reptile / legless lizard (not a snake!)
  • B) platypus (A baby pangolin is a pangopup and a baby possum is a joey)
  • Bumblebee (Bombus is the genus name and there are approx. 250 species in the world)
  • Tooth/ivory (it is a modified tooth that grows beyone the jawline and protrudes through the front of the head)
  • A it keeps them in holes in the skin on its back (B is the gastric brooding frog (now extinct) and C is the midwife toad)
  • Colossal squid (giant squid also an acceptable answer)
  • Mexico (only found in two lakes)
  • Crested Newt and Natterjack toad (1 point for either)

Well that’s one round sorted - the rest is down to you. 
Good luck!

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