Blackburn Pavilion

Take flight to the Blackburn Pavilion, and be transported to our wonderful tropical walk-through! Come nose-to-beak with exotic toucans, soaring starlings, kooky kookaburras, and plush partridges.

Our exhibit allows visitors to enter a world of lush rainforest foliage and waterfalls, and catch flashes of colour from the vast array of beaks, wings, and feathers fluttering on display, with many free flying around their new tropical home.

A Pekin Robin in the Blackburn pavilion at ZSL London Zoo.

An important part of ZSL London Zoo’s heritage, Blackburn Pavilion provides a tranquil tropical home for more than 50 different species of birds. Originally built in 1883 as a Reptile House, this marvellous Victorian building has been restored to provide our flocks with a splendid place to spread their wings.

Follow the boardwalk into the tropical walkthrough where the rainforest environment is recreated. Continue through to the cloud forest where you will be captivated by the iridescent hues, tiny sizes and super-fast wing beats of these tiny birds as they flutter past in free flight. The lofty pavilion provides an abundance of space for the birds to fly through the foliage; you will feel like you are meandering through the heart of the Amazon!

Birds play a vital role that is integral to the environment around us. As well as giving visitors the opportunity to experience and share the birds’ habitat, Blackburn Pavilion provides safe surroundings for species that are in danger of becoming extinct or are already extinct in the wild, including the Socorro Dove, which is bred only in captivity until they can be reintroduced to the wild to ensure the survival of the species.

So put away your binoculars and come see these amazing creatures of flight up close and personal in the Blackburn Pavilion.

Watch the video of the restoration of Blackburn Pavillion:

Amazilia Hummingbird on a branch in the Blackburn Pavilion on ZSL London Zoo.

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