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Booking now available for 2020!

For enquiries regarding private bookings, please contact our friendly Supporter Services team on 0344 225 1826


Ever wondered what it's like to sleepover at the Zoo? Well BedBUGS is the sleepover with a difference...

The perfect sleepover for young explorers aged 7-11 years, guests get to stay overnight in the BUG house at ZSL London Zoo, have a torchlight tour and get woken up to the sounds of our residents! There are activities, a night tour, breakfast, a morning tour and access to the Zoo for the day after your stay all included!


Your experience includes

  • Dedicated hosts for the evening
  • An amazing animal talk
  • A torch lit tour of the Zoo
  • Activities for the evening
  • Goody bags for the children
  • T-shirt to take home for all children 
  • Hot drinks for the adults all evening
  • Access to the Zoo the day after your stay
  • A continental breakfast
  • Morning tour of the Zoo before it opens to the public

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BedBugs experience at ZSL London Zoo


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Bedbugs sleepovers run on select dates throughout the year please look at our prices page for more information


ZSL London Zoo Lodges - Sleepover at ZSL London Zoo

Gir Lion Lodges at night at ZSL London Zoo

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As well as checking out the residents in BUGS we'll make sure everyone is kept busy right up until bedtime. There will be lots of activities which includes an animal talk, a tour and activities - all animal themed of course!


Arrive at ZSL London Zoo
Your BedBUGS hosts will check everyone in and allocate group names.


Head to BUGS!


Welcome talk
Your hosts will run through the itinerary for the evening, all health and safety information plus answer any questions.


Animal talk
Get up-close to one of the residents of BUGS (bring your camera!)


Free time to roam B.U.G.S


Torch-light night tour
This is your chance to find out what really goes on once all of the visitors and keepers have gone home. Many of our animals are actually more active at night so you’ll see what they get up to as we search the Zoo by torchlight.


Back to BUGS
Unpack and get ready for bed.


Relax before bedtime


Lights off


Although some of the animals may have woken you up before!




Morning tour
Check out some of our most popular animal exhibits, before the day-visitors arrive


Finish (feel free to stay in the Zoo to explore for the day)



You will be sleeping in our BUGS house BUGS stands for B.U.G.S! (Biodiversity Underpinning Global Survival) and is the Zoo’s cutting edge biodiversity and Conservation exhibit. It is the main place where invertebrates – animals without backbones – are displayed in the Zoo, including insects, spiders, millipedes and lots of other creepy crawlies! B.U.G.S! is designed to explain what biodiversity - quite simply the variety of life on the planet - is all about, and why we need to conserve it.

The exhibit is quite large and you will be given a designated sleeping area for your group when you arrive.

Bathroom facilities

There are bathrooms located just outside the BUGS building but there are no showers available for this experience.


Please get in touch with our Supporter Services Team either via email or on the phone on 0344 225 1826 to discuss arrangements regarding accessibility. You will be sleeping on mats on the floor so please bear this in mind too.


Each sleepover can accommodate a maximum of 60 participants. Children must be aged between 7-11 years old and need to be accompanied by an adult on the experience.

Are any of the bugs loose in the building?

All of our animals in BUGS are safely behind glass so they won't bother you. However, you are ultimately in a bug house so we would not recommend attending the sleepover if you are extremely scared of bugs and insects.

Sleeping in BUGS

Your group will sleep in BUGS, with everyone else attending the sleepover. Please ensure you read the FAQs regarding sleeping arrangements before you book.


Your experience includes:

  • Designated sleeping areas in your groups - you will need to bring your sleeping bag and a mat!
  • Luggage storage for the day after your stay
  • Hot drinks available for adults
  • Water available for children - please bring re-fillable water bottles
  • Toilet facilities
  • Activity books for the children with pencils
  • Fun games and activities
  • Goody bags for the children
  • Breakfast
  • T-shirt for the children to take home as a memento!

BedBugs sleepovers run on select dates from throughout the yearAll of the prices displayed are based on a per person basis, discounts are available for youth/organised groups.

We run public BedBUGS sleepovers on various dates throughout the year which can be booked below.


We can arrange private BedBUGS sleepovers too! Please contact us on 0344 225 1826 or if you would like to look into a private date. Children need to be aged between 7-11 years old. The itinerary is the same on public and private dates.

2020 Dates

Friday 20 March

Friday 24 April

For private bookings, please email or call our friendly Supporter Services Team on 0344 225 1826


Child ticket

£75 per person

Adult ticket

£75 per person


Full payment is required at the time of booking. However, we are happy to accept a £500 deposit for groups with over 20 children, and final payment is required six weeks before the sleepover. Please call 0344 225 1826 to discuss further.


ZSL member (10% discount)

£67.50 per person

Disabled participant + carer

£75 + free carer

Youth/Uniformed group rate (only available by calling 0344 225 1826)

£65 per person

Please note that discounts cannot be used in conjunction with each other.


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